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atty Atty Gen. au gratin au pair aubergine
auburn auction auctioneer audacious audaciously
audacity audibility audible audibly audience
audiometer audiotronic Aug. Augean Stables aught
augmentative augury august auld aunt
auntie average average down average out average up
averagely aversion avert aviary aviation
avidly avocado avocation avoidable avowedly
AVP avuncular AWACS awake award
award-winning aware awareness awash away
awe-inspiring awful awfully awfulness awkward
awkwardly awkwardness axiom axis ay
aye {1} azalea Azerbaijani Azeri AZT
B b. B. of E. b.o. b.v.
b/d B/D B/E b/fwd B/L
B/O B/P B/R backwards backwards-compatible
backwash backwater backwoodsman backyard bacon
bacterial bacteriological bacteriologist badger badinage
badlands badly badman badminton badmouth
badness Bae Baffin baffle baggage
baggy bagpiper bagpipes bah Bahrain
Bahraini bail {3} bail out bail out bailiff
bailiwick bain-marie bait bake bakehouse
baker bakery Bakewell tart baksheesh bal.
balance up balanced balancing balding baldness
balkanization banner banns banquet banqueting hall
banquette banshee bantam bap baptism
baptize bar {2} Bar Mitzvah bar-hopping Barbados
barbarity barbarously barbecue barbed barbell
barber barbershop barbican barbitone bard
bare bare-bones bareback barefaced barelegged
bareness Barents Sea barf barfly bargain for
bargain on bargaining barge barge about barge in
barge into bargee baritone barium bark {3}
barkeeper barker barking barley barman
barmy barn barney barometer barometric
baroness baronet baronetcy baronial barony
baroque barrack barrack-room barrack-square batman
baton batrachian batsman battalion batten
batten on batter {1} batter (away) at battering battery
battery-operated battle battle on battle-axe battle-hardened
battle-scarred battlements battleship Battn baud
bauxite Bavaria bawdyhouse bawl bawl out
bay {1} bay {2} bay {3} bay {4} bay {5}
Bayonne bayou bazaar BB BBA
BBB BBC BBFC bbl beachcomber
beaded beadle beady beak beaked
beaker beam beam down beam-ends beaming
beanshoots beanstalk bear {2}

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