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countertenor countervailing counterweigh counting countless
countrified country country-born countryman countryside
countrywide countrywoman couple courthouse courtyard
couth couturier cove {2} covenant covenanter
Coventry cover cover in coverage covert
covertly covet covetousness covey cow {1}
cow {2} cowardly cowboy cowcatcher cower
cowgirl cowherd cowhide cowl cowlick
cowling cowman cowpat cowpoke cowpox
cowslip craven cravenly cravenness crawl
crayfish crayon craze craziness crazy
CRC CRE creaky cream creamery
crease creation creativity creature crèche
credence credible creditable creditably creditor
credo credulity creed creel creeping
crème de la crème crepuscular crescendo crescent cress
crest crestfallen cretonne crevasse crevice
crew {1} crew-neck crewman crib cribbage
crick cricket {1} cricketer cross-ply cross-pollination
cross-question cross-questioning cross-refer cross-section cross-stitch
cross-tie cross-vote crossbar crossbeam crossbones
crossbreed crossing crossly crosspatch crossroads
crosstalk crosswalk crosswind crossword crotch
crouch croup {2} crow crow's-nest crowbar
crowd out crowing crown CRT crucible
crucifix crucifixion cruddy crude crudeness
crudités cruise cruiser cruiserweight crumb
crumble crumbly crummy crumpet crumple
crunch crunchy crusade crusher crushingly
crustacean crusty crutch crux cry
cry out cupboard cupcake cupful Cupid
cupidity cupola cuppa cur curable
curaçao curacy curare curate curative
curator curb curbstone cure cure-all
curettage curfew curie curio curiosity
curious curl up curl-paper curlicue curly
curly-haired currency currently curriculum curry {1}
currycomb cursive cursorily cursory curtail
curtailment curtain curtain off curtain-raiser curtained
curtly curtness curtsey curvaceous curvature
curve cushy cussed custodial custodian
custom custom-built customary customer customhouse
customize cut across cut away cut back cut in
cut into dab {3} dab at dabbler daff
daffy dago dahlia Dáil daily
daintily daintiness dainty dairymaid daisy
daisywheel dally dalmatian daltonism dam {1}
dam {3} damage damaging damascene dame
damfool dammit damn

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