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[A - a broad joke ] [a broad spectrum of opinion - a conservative estimate ] [a conservatory counts as an extension - a fair amount of ] [a fall in living standards - a good chat-up line ] [a good class (of) novel - a job with expanding opportunities ] [a job with no prospects - a Mafia don ] [a magnificent sculpture in marble and copper - a new triumph for industry ] [a new use for old tyres - a piece of pottery ] [a piece of research - a real man ] [a real man - a short way off ] [a short way off - a student prank ] [a stunning blonde - a two-seater ] [a two-thirds majority - a would-be poet/politician ] [a wound affecting the right leg - abyssinian ] [AC box - accounting profit ] [accounting record - activity is at its lowest ] [activity range - admin ] [admin - after due consideration ] [after due consideration - aiming circle ] [aiming field - all caps mode ] [all cars should carry a first-aid kit - all together now! ] [all together now! - amazingly enough ] [amazingly, nobody was killed - an army on the march ] [an art connoisseur - an overall view of the situation ] [an overmanned industry - androphobia ] [Andy tried to look suitably impressed - anticipated profit ] [anticipated settlement - Appian Way ] [apple blossom - are there any others? ] [are there any others? - army of occupation ] [army unit - as easy as falling off a horse ] [as easy as falling off a log - as the oldest son, he has certain privileges ] [as the results poured in ... - assistant cameramen ] [assistant director - at an early age ] [at an early date - at short notice ] [at short notice - at this particular time ] [at this point - auditors' report ] [augean - automobile adapter ] [automorphism - Azores Islands]

A a (Colonel) Blimp a (piece of) chalk a (piece of) chalk a {or} one hundred
a {or} one hundred a {or} one hundred and... a {or} one hundred people a {or} one hundred tho... a £10m sponsorship deal
a £5 bet a 1,000-tonner a 10 pence piece a 10% reduction in air... a 1000-strong crowd
a 10-minute break a 10-second cycle a 125-page volume a 12-bore shotgun a 13-amp plug
a 15% reduction in costs a 20 horsepower engine a 20p coin a 21-gun salute a 32% rise in profits
a 4-page pamphlet a 5 centimetres thick ... a 50% reduction a 50km/h speed limit a 50-mile bike ride
a 5-dollar bill a 5km jam of cars a 6% leap in profits a 6-cylinder engine a 700th anniversary is...
a babble of voices arose a backlog of cases a bad buy a bad debt a bad dream
a bad habit a bad habit a bad workman always b... a bad workman always q... a bad/fair/good deal
a badly paid worker a badly sited building a badly sunburned back a baking hot day a balanced diet
a balcony runs round t... a band that plays very... a bank clerk was injur... a bank raid a barefaced lie
a barely furnished room a barrage of noise a barrage of questions a barrier had grown up... a basic knowledge of R...
a basic right a basic understanding ... a basic wage of £55 a ... a basket of currencies a basket of currencies
a basket on wheels a battle of wills a battle of wits a battle of wits a beach overhung with ...
a bearskin rug a beatific smile a beautiful girl with ... a bedroom scene a bee flew in through ...
a beer mug a beer would be in order a Beethoven night a beginner like myself a benevolent smile
a betrayal of trust a better job a bewilderingly compli... a big car a big noise
a big oil strike a big one a big question mark ha... a big sloppy kiss a big stick
a big woman a big woman a big word a big-time banker a big-time politician/...
a bill for the amount of a bird flew overhead a bird in the hand is ... a bird marked with red a bird marked with red
a birth in the hand is... a birthday/Christmas t... a bit a bit bigger/smaller a bit later
a bit later a bit more? a bit of advice a bit of crumpet a bit of crumpet
a bit of give and take a bit too a bitter struggle a bitterly cold day a bitterly contested m...
a black ash table a black day on the roads a blank look a blank tape a blanket will provide...
a blaze of colour a blind bit of difference a blind bit of difference a blind guess a blind man
a blind man a blindingly obvious fact a blond boy went up to... a blood and guts film a blood/urine sample
a blow with a elbow a blow with a fist a blow with a hammer a blow-by-blow account a blue silk dress with...
a blue suit, worn in p... a blurred photo a boat on the horizon a body ravaged by disease a bold conception
a boldly coloured shirt a boldly designed airport a boldly patterned fabric a bomb lodged in the e... a bombing run
a bond of friendship a bone got stuck in my... a bonny fighter a book a book about gardening
a book about gardening a book alive with inte... a book ambitiously tit... a book illustrated by ... a book illustrated by ...
a book of very slight ... a book on physics a book on politics a book smothered in dust a book with some meat ...
a bookmaking firm a bookseller's a border of begonias i... a botched job a bottle of champagne ...
a bottle of whisky was... a bourbon (straight) up a bout of fever a box made out of wood a box of chocolates
a box of matches a box of paints a box on the ear a box with a double bo... a boxed set of six cup...
a boy drowned here yes... a boy of ability a boy of eight a boy richly endowed w... a boy was drowned here...
a boy-meets-girl story... a bra which lifts and ... a branch weighed down ... a Brave New World a brazen hussy
a brazen hussy a break in continuity a break in the clouds a break in the weather a break of service
a breathless silence a breeze stirred the l... a bridge too far a bridge with seven spans a bright October day
a bright, sunny day a brilliantly simple idea a brilliantly sunny mo... a broad expanse of lawn a broad joke

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