English-Romanian collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

p.m. PA pace pacemaker Pacific
pack pack package package holiday package tour
packaging packed packed lunch packet pad
paddle paddle paddling pool padlock paedophile
page page pager paid pail
pain painful painkiller paint paint
paintbrush painter painter painting pair
Pakistan Pakistani pal palace pale
Palestine Palestinian palm palm tree pamphlet
pan Panama pancake panda panic
panic panther panties panties pantomime
pantry pants pants pantyhose pap smear
paper paper round paper route paperback paperclip
paperweight paperwork paprika parachute parade
paradise paraffin paragraph Paraguay Paraguayan
parallel paralysed paralyzed paramedic parcel
pardon pardon pardon? parent parentheses
parish park park parka parking
parking enforcement of... parking light parking lot parking meter parking ticket
parliament parole parrot parsley parsnip
part part with partial participate particular
particularly parting partly partner partridge
part-time party party pass pass
pass out passage passenger passion passion fruit
passive Passover passport passport control password
past past past past pasta
paste paste pasteurized pastime pastry
patch patched paternity leave path pathetic
patience patient patient patio patriotic
patrol patrol car pattern pause pavement
pavilion paw pawnbroker pay pay
pay back payable payment payphone PC
PDF peace peaceful peach peacock
peak peak hours peak season peanut peanut allergy
peanut butter pear pearl peas peat
pebble peculiar pedal pedestrian pedestrian area
pedestrian crossing pedestrian precinct pedestrianized pedigree pedophile
peel peel peg Pekinese pelican
pelican crossing pellet pelvis pen pen pal
penalize penalty pencil pencil case pencil sharpener

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