English-Romanian collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

lab label labor labor union laboratory
laborer labour labourer lace lack
lacquer lad ladder ladies ladies' room
ladle lady ladybird ladybug lag behind
lager lager beer lagoon laid off laid-back
lake lamb lambaste lame lamp
lamppost lampshade land land landing
landlady landlord landmark landowner landscape
landslide lane language language laboratory language school
lanky Laos lap laptop larder
large largely laryngitis laser lass
last last last lastly late
late late afternoon late sleep lately later
Latin Latin America Latin American latitude Latvia
Latvian Latvian laugh laugh laughter
launch Launderette® Laundromat® laundry laundry detergent
lava lavatory lavender law law school
lawn lawnmower lawyer lawyer laxative
lay lay off layby layer layer cake
layout lazy lead lead lead
lead singer lead story leader lead-free leaf
leaflet league leak leak lean
lean forward lean on lean out leap leap year
learn learner learner driver lease lease
least leather leave leave leave out
leaves Lebanese Lebanon lecture lecture
lecturer leek left left left
left luggage left-hand left-hand drive left-handed left-luggage locker
left-luggage office leftovers left-wing leg legal
legend leggings legible legislation legumes
leisure leisure center leisure centre lemon lemonade
lend lend length lens Lent
lentils Leo leopard leotard less
less less lesson let let down
let in letter letterbox lettuce leukaemia
leukemia level level level crossing lever
liability insurance liar liberal liberation Liberia
Liberian Liberian Libra librarian library
Libya Libyan Libyan lice licence
license license plate lick lid lie

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