English-Romanian collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

cab cabbage cabin cabin crew cabinet
cable cable car cable television cactus cadet
café cafeteria caffeine cage cagoule
cake calcium calculate calculation calculator
calendar calf call call call
call back call box call center call centre call for
call off calm calm down calorie Cambodia
Cambodian Cambodian camcorder camel camera
camera phone cameraman Cameroon camp camp
camp bed campaign camper camping camping gas
campsite campus can can can opener
can opener Canada Canadian Canadian canal
Canaries canary cancel cancellation cancer
candidate candle candlestick candy candyfloss
cane canister cannabis canned canned
canoe canoeing canteen canter canvas
canvass cap capable capacity capital
capital punishment capitalism Capricorn capsize capsule
captain caption capture car car
car ferry car hire car insurance car keys car park
car rental car wash carafe caramel carat
caravan caravan site carbohydrate carbon carbon footprint
carbonated carburetor carburettor card cardboard
cardigan cardphone care care career
careful carefully careless caretaker cargo
Caribbean Caribbean caring carnation carnival
carol carpenter carpentry carpet carriage
carrier bag carrot carry carry on carry out
carrycot carry-on baggage cart cart carton
cartoon cartridge carve case cash
cash dispenser cash register cash register cashew cashier
cashmere casino casserole cassette cast
castle casual casually casualty cat
catalog catalogue catalytic converter cataract catarrh
catastrophe catch catch up catching category
catering caterpillar cathedral Catholic cattle
Caucasus cauliflower cause cause caution
cautious cautiously cave CCTV CD
CD burner CD player CD-ROM ceasefire ceiling
celebrate celebration celebrity celery celiac

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