English-Polish collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

mac macaroni machine machine gun machine washable
machinery mackerel mad mad Madagascar
madam madly madman madness magazine
magazine maggot magic magic magical
magician magistrate magnet magnetic magnificent
magnifying glass magpie mahogany maid maid
maiden name mail mail mail mail slot
mailbox mailing list mailman main main course
main road mainland mainly maintain maintenance
maize majesty major majority make
make make make make a note of make up
makeover maker make-up malaria Malawi
Malaysia Malaysian Malaysian male male
male chauvinist malicious malignant malnutrition malt whisky
Malta Maltese Maltese Maltese mammal
mammoth mammoth man manage manageable
management manager manager manageress managing director
mandarin mandarin mangetout mango mania
maniac manicure manicure manipulate mankind
man-made manner manners manpower mansion
mantel mantelpiece manual manufacture manufacturer
manure manuscript many many Maori
Maori Maori map maple marathon
marble march march March Mardi Gras
mare margarine margin marigold marijuana
marina marinade marinade marinate marital status
maritime marjoram mark mark mark
mark market market research marketing marketplace
marmalade maroon marriage marriage certificate married
marrow marry marsh martyr marvellous
marvelous Marxism marzipan mascara masculine
mashed potatoes mask masked mass Mass
massacre massage massive mast master
master master of ceremonies masterpiece mat match
match match match matching mate
material maternal maternity hospital maternity leave math
mathematical mathematics maths matter matter
mattress mature mature student Mauritania Mauritius
mauve maximum maximum May may
May I call you tomorrow? May I close the window? May I have an ashtray? May I keep it? May I open the window?

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