English-Polish collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

habit hack hacker haddock haemorrhoids
haggle hail hail hair hair gel
hair spray hairband hairbrush haircut hairdo
hairdresser hairdresser hairdresser's hairdryer hairgrip
hairspray hairstyle hairy Haiti half
half half half board half hour half-hour
half-price half-price half-term half-time halfway
hall hallway halt ham hamburger
hammer hammock hamster hand hand
hand luggage handbag handball handbook handbrake
handcuffs handicapped handkerchief handle handle
handle handlebars handmade hands-free hands-free kit
handsome handwriting handy hang hang
hang gliding hang on hang up hanger hang-gliding
hangover hankie happen happily happiness
happy Happy birthday! Happy New Year! harassment harbor
harbour hard hard hard hard cider
hard disk hard shoulder hard up hardboard hardly
hardly hardware hardware store hare harm
harmful harmless harmonica harp harsh
harvest harvest hastily hat hatchback
hate hatred haunted have Have a good trip!
have to Have you anything else? Have you anything typi... Have you cut my type o... Have you eaten?
Have you ever been to ... Have you got a light? Have you got a map of ... Have you got any ...? Have you got fresh cof...
Have you got real coffee? Have you got real milk? Have you seen the guard? hawthorn hay
hay fever haystack hazard warning lights hazelnut he
He can't breathe He can't move his leg He has a fever He has cut himself He has hurt his arm
He is ten years old He runs the hotel He was driving too fast head head
head head office head up to headache headband
headlamp headlight headline headphones headquarters
headroom headscarf headteacher heal health
healthy heap hear hearing hearing aid
heart heart attack heartbroken heartburn heat
heat heat up heater heather heating
heaven heavily heavy hedge hedgehog
heel heeled height heir heiress
helicopter hell hello! helmet help
help help Help yourself! help! Help!
helpful helpline hemorrhoids hen hen night
hepatitis her her herbal tea herbs

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