English-Polish collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

e.g. each each eagle ear
earache eardrum earlier early early
early earn earnings earphones earplugs
earring earth earth earthquake easily
east east east eastbound Easter
Easter egg eastern easy easy chair easygoing
easy-going eat e-book eccentric echo
ecofriendly ecological ecology e-commerce economic
economical economics economist economize economy
economy class ecstasy Ecuador eczema edge
edgy edible edition editor educated
education educational eel effect effective
effectively efficiency apartment efficient efficiently effort
egg egg white egg yolk eggcup eggplant
Egypt Egyptian Egyptian eight eighteen
eighteenth eighth eighth eighty Eire
either either either either either ... or
elastic elastic band Elastoplast® elbow elder
elderly eldest elect election electorate
electric electric blanket electric cord electric shock electrical
electrical tower electrician electricity electronic electronics
elegant element elementary school elephant elevator
eleven eleventh eliminate elm else
elsewhere email email email address embankment
embarrassed embarrassing embassy embroider embroidery
emergency emergency brake emergency exit emergency landing emergency room
emigrate emotion emotional emperor emphasize
empire employ employee employer employment
employment office empty empty enamel encourage
encouragement encouraging encyclopaedia encyclopedia end
end endanger ending endless enemy
energetic energy engaged engaged tone engagement
engagement ring engine engine engineer engineering
England English English English Englishman
Englishwoman engrave enjoy Enjoy your holiday! Enjoy your meal!
Enjoy your meal! enjoyable enlargement enormous enough
enough enquire enquiry ensure enter
entertain entertainer entertaining enthusiasm enthusiastic
enthusiastic entire entirely entrance entrance
entrance fee entry entry phone envelope envious

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