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convalescent convection convection currents convener convenient
copy typist copybook copycat copying copywriter
coquette coquettish cor anglais coral cord
cordial cordiality cordially cordless cordon
corduroy Corinthian corm cormorant corn {1}
corn {2} corn oil {1} corn on the cob corner corner cupboard
corner flag corner kick cornet player cornflour cornflower
cornice Cornish cornstarch cornucopia corny
corollary coronary coronary thrombosis coronation coroner
Corp. corporate hospitality corporation tax corporatism corporeal
corpus Corpus Christi corpuscle correct correcting fluid
correction corrective correlate correlation correspond
council housing council housing estate council tax counsel counsellor
count in count on count out count towards count up
countdown counter {1} counter-revolution counter-revolutionary counter-turn
counter... counteract counterclockwise counterespionage counterfeit
counterfeiter counterfoil countermand countermeasure counteroffensive
counterpane counterpart counterproductive counterproposal countersign
countess countrified country country cottage country cousin
country house countryman county council county court county town
coup de grace coupé couple coupling courage
courageous courageously courgette courier court
court card court martial court of appeal court shoe court-bouillon
courteously courtesan courtesy light courtesy visit courthouse
courtier courting courtly courtroom courtship
cranium crank crankcase cranny crap
crape crappy crash crash helmet crass
crassly crassness crate crater crater lake
craven craving crawler crawler lane crayon
crazed crazily crazy paving creak creaky
cream cream cake cream cheese cream cracker crease
crease-resistant create creation creationism creationist
creativity creature creature comforts credence credentials
credibility credit balance credit card credit control credit entry
credit facilities credit limit credit rating credit squeeze credit terms
creditable creditably creditor credits credulity
creed creek creel creeper creeping
creepy creepy-crawly cross cross section cross-Channel ferry
cross-country cross-cultural cross-legged crosscourt crossing point
crosspatch crossroads crosswind crosswise crossword
croton croup croupier crouton

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