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reline reliquary relish relive reload
reloading relocation relocation expenses reluctance remainder
remains remarkable remarkably remarriage remarry
remedy remembrance reminiscence reminiscent reminiscently
remiss remission remittal remonstrance remonstrate
remorse remorseful remorsefully remorseless replacement
replacement cost replacement value repletion reportedly reporting
reposition repository repossess repossession order reprehensible
reprehensibly repressed repression reprieve reprimand
reprint reprisal reproachful reproachfully reproduce
reproductive reproving reprovingly Repub. repudiate
repudiation repugnance repulsion repulsiveness reputation
requiem mass required requirement requisition resale price maintenance
rescind rescue operation rescuer research and development research work
rest room {1} restart restate restaurant owner restitution
restive restock restoration restorative restraining order
restricted area restrictive practices restructuring resume resurgence
Resurrection retail price index retailer retainer retaliation
retaliatory retentive rethink reticence reticent
retina retinue retirement home retractable retread
retreat retrievable retrieval retrieve retriever
retrofit retrorocket rhesus negative rhetorically rheumatic
rheumatic fever rheumatics rhino rhinoceros rhizome
Rhode Island Rhodes Rhodesia Rhodesian rhododendron
rhombus Rhone rhubarb rhyming rhyming slang
rhythm rhythm method rhythmic rhythmically RI
ribald ribaldry ribbed rice field richness
ride up ridge tent ridgepole ridicule ridiculously
ridiculousness riding crop riffraff rifle {1} rifle range {2}
rifle through {1} rig out rig up rigging right of way
right-angled right-click right-hand side right-handed river head
river horse riverbank riverbed riverside riveter
riveting Riviera Riyadh RMT RNZAF
RNZN road haulier road kill road manager road movie
road tax disk roadhog roadholding roadhouse roadie
roadsweeper roadway roam roaming roaring
roast beef roasting Robin Hood rock and roll rock cake
rock climber

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