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lap up lapdog lapel lapis lazuli Lapland
Laplander larceny larch lark {1} lark {2}
lark about larkspur larynx lasagne laser beam
lash down lashing lasso Last Judgement last-ditch
last-gasp last-minute lasting lastly latch on to
lately latent latest latex lathe
Lazarus laziness LC LCD Ld
LDS lead {1} lead {2} lead away {1} lead back {1}
lead poisoning {2} lead up to {1} lead weight {2} lead-in {1} leader of the house
leaderboard leadership leading article leading light leading man
leaf spring leafy league champions league championship lean {1}
lean back {2} leaning leant leap up leap year
leash Leatherette leathering leave behind leave in
leave out leave over leaves lengthily lengthways
lengthy lenience leniently Leninism Leninist
lens holder lens hood Lent lenten leopardess
leper leper colony leprosy leprous lesbian
lesbianism lesion Lesotho lessee let {2}
let away {1} let down {1} let into let on {1} let up
let-up {1} letter bomb letter card letter quality printer letter tray
letter-opener letter-perfect letter-writer letterhead lettering
letterpress letters letters patent letting lettuce
leukaemia level crossing level playing field level with level-headed
levelling lever arch file leverage levity lexicography
lexicon liability liaison lifeless lifelessness
lifelong lifelong learning lifetime lift down lift shaft
lift-off tape light {1} light {2} light meter {1} light pollution
light rail light-fingered {2} lighting-up time lightning conductor lightweight
lignite Ligurian likely liking lilac
lilt lilting lily of the valley limbo lime {1}
lime {2} lime {3} limestone pavement limewater limp {1}
limp {2} limpid limply litany literacy campaign
literate lithe lithium lithographer Lithuania
Lithuanian litigate litter lout little {1} live {1}
live off {1} live up {1} live up to {1} live wire {2} livelihood
liveliness lively liven up liver fluke liverish
Liverpudlian livestock livid living conditions living expenses
living quarters

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