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conservatism Conservative Party conserve considerably considering
consignee consignor consolidate consolidation consoling
consolingly consols consonant consonantal conspiratorial
constable contingency funds continuing education continuous stationery continuously
continuum contraception contraceptive contraceptive pill contract in
contract out contraption contrasting contravene contributory
contributory negligence contributory pension scheme contrived control group control panel
control room control tower controversy contusion conurbation
convalescence convector convenience convenience foods convenience store
conveniently convent copulation copulative copy out
copyright coquetry coral reef Coral Sea cordon off
CORE corer Corfu coriander cork
cork oak corkage corked corkscrew corn plaster {2}
cornea corned beef corner shop cornerstone cornfield
cornflakes Cornish pasty Cornwall coronet corporal
corporal punishment corporate identity corporate raider corps corps de ballet
corpse corpulence corpulent corral correctly
correctness council meeting councillor counselling count {1}
count {2} countable countenance counter {2} Counter-Reformation
counterattack counterbalance counterintelligence countersink countertenor
countless country and western country bumpkin country club country dancing
country dweller country seat country-wide countryside countrywoman
couplet court of inquiry court-martial courtesy coach courtyard
crane driver cranial crankpin crankshaft cranky
crash barrier crash course crash landing crashing cravat
crawfish crayfish cream jug cream off cream tea
creamery creamy creative creative writing creatively
creator crèche credible credit account credit agency
credit note credit transfer creditworthy cremate cremation
croquette cross off cross over cross-check cross-dressing
cross-examination cross-examine cross-eyed cross-multiply cross-purposes
cross-question cross-refer cross-reference crossbar crossbill
crossbow crossbreed crossed crossfire crossly
crosstree crosswalk crotch crotchet crotchety
crouch crow's-nest crowbar crowd out crown jewels
crown prosecutor crowning crucially crucifix crucifixion
crucify crudely cruel cruelly cruelty

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