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ballistics balloon balloonist ballot paper banally
banana republic band {2} band saw {1} bandage bandana
baneful bang {2} bang about {1} Bangkok bangle
barmy barnacle goose barnyard barometer barometric
barrack-room barracks barracuda barrage barrage balloon
barrel barrel organ barricade barring barrister
barrow {1} Bart. bartender base {1} base {2}
base camp {1} base metal {2} base rate {1} baseless basely
baseness bases bash in bash up basis
basketball basketball player basking shark Basle Basque
bass {2} bass clef {1} baste bastion BASW
bat {2} bated bath oil bathcap bathhouse
bathing cap bathing costume bathing trunks bear with {1} bearded
bearer bond bearish bearskin beast beastly
beat down beat off beat up beat-up beatific
beatification beatify beautify beauty contest beauty parlour
beauty queen beauty sleep beauty spot beauty treatment beaver away
becalmed became becoming BECTU bed and breakfast
bed blocker bed down bed linen bedbug bedcover
bedding plane bedeck bedevil bedfellow bedhead
bedlam Bedouin bedpan bedroom farce bedroom slipper
bedside rug bedside table beech beechnut beef
bellows belly dance belly dancer bellyache bellybutton
belongings Belorussian below below stairs belt rack
bemoan benchmarking bend over bendy beneath
benediction beneficent beneficiary Benelux benevolence
benevolent fund benevolently BEng Bengali benign
benignly bent {2} benzene bequest bereaved
bergschrund berk Berks Bermuda Bermuda shorts
Bern berserk beseechingly besetting besides
besiege besieger besought bespattered bespectacled
big time big toe big-hearted biggie biggish
bighead bigheaded bigmouth bigotry bigwig
bikeway bikini bikini briefs bikini line bilateral
bilaterally bilingual bilious bill {1} bill of fare {1}
bill of health bill of rights {1} billhook billiard cue billiard table
billiards billion bills receivable billy goat billycan

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