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reported speech repose reprehend representation representational
repressive repressively reproach reprobate reproduction furniture
reproof reprove reptile republicanism republish
repugnant repulse repulsive reputable repute
reputed reputedly request request stop requiem
require requisite reredos reroute resale
resat rescue rescue attempt rescue party rescue team
research establishment research fellow research student restaurant restaurant car
rested restful resting place restlessly restlessness
restore restorer restrain restrained restrict
restricted zone restriction restrictive restructure resultant
résumé resumption resurface resurgent resurrect
resurrection resuscitate resuscitation retail outlet retail park
retail price retain retaliate retarded retch
retention retire retired retirement age retiring
retort retrace retractile retraining retrenchment
retrial retribution retroactive retroactively retrograde
retrogressive retrospect retrospectively rhesus positive rhetorical
rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis Rhine rhinestone rhyme
rib rib cage ribbon development riboflavin rice growing
rice paper rice pudding rich riches richly
Richter scale rick rickets rickety rickshaw
ricochet riddance ridden riddle {1} riddle {2}
ride ride out ridiculous riding breeches riding habit
riding school rife rifle {2} rift rift valley
right right angle right to life right wing right-hand man
right-hander rivulet RN RNA RNLI
road haulage road map road pricing road racer road rage
road safety road sense road show road sign road tax
road test road transport road user road works road-test
roadblock roadroller roadside roadworthy roan
roast robbery robe robot robotics
robust rock rock plant rock salmon rock salt
rock star rockery rocket {2} rocket launcher {1} rocket science
rocking horse rocky {1} rocky {2} rococo rode
rodent rodeo roe rope in rosary
rose {1} rose {2} rosé rose window {1} rose-red {1}
rosemary rosette ROSPA roster rosy
rot rotate rotation rotor arm rotten
rotten apple rotting rotund rotunda rouble
rough justice rough out rough-and-ready rough-hewn

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