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raffle ticket raft rafter rafting rag doll {1}
rag trade {1} rag week {2} rag-and-bone man {1} ragamuffin ragbag
ragga raggedly raglan ragman rail off
rail strike railcard railing railroad railway line
railway station rain rain gauge rain off raincheck
rainfall rainforest rainproof rainstorm raspberry bush
Rastafarian rat race rat-trap ratable ratchet
ratchet wheel rate rateable ratepayer rates
ration ration book rationalist rationalization rationalize
ratpack rattle off raucous raunchy ravage
ravages rave review razor-sharp razzmatazz RCAF
Rd RDC re {2} re-cover re-educate
re-entry re-export reawaken reawakening rebate
rebel rebellion rebirth rebound rebound on
rebranding rebut rebuttal recalcitrant recall
recant recap {2} recapitulation recapture recede
receipt receipt book receivable Received Pronunciation receivership
receptacle reception desk receptive receptor recession
recessive rechargeable recherché recidivism recidivist
reciprocally reciprocate recital recitation recite
recklessness reckon in reckon on reckon up reckoning
reclaim reclining recluse reclusive recognizable
recognized recoil reconcilable reconcile reconciliation
redemption redirect redolent redraft redress
reduce reduced reduction redundancy redundancy payment
reef {1} reef {2} reef knot {2} reef point {2} reefer
reel in ref ref. reference reference book
reference library referendum referral refill refine
refiner reflate reflection reflective reflex action
reflexive reform reformat reformed reformist
refract refrain {2} refresh refreshment room refrigerate
refugee camp refurbish rejoicing rejoin {2} relating
relation relational database relative relaunch relax
relaxant relaxation relaxed relaxing release
reliably relief road religion religious religious education
relinquish relocate reluctant reluctantly rely
remain remaining remake remand remand home
remedial remember Remembrance Sunday remind reminder
reminisce remittance remnant remnant sale remodel
replaceable replenish replenishment replete replicate
reply coupon reply-paid report back report card

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