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Ku Klux Klan Kuwait Kuwaiti KY L
L L. L/C L8R la
LA La Paz lab lab technician label
labor {etc} labour labour cost labour dispute labour force
labour relations labour unrest labour-intensive labour-saving lace
lace-up lacemaker lacemaking lacerate laceration
lack lackadaisical laconic lacquer lactic
lad lad lit lad mag ladderproof landslide
landslip language language studies languid languish
languor languorous lank lanky lanolin
Laos Laotian lap {3} lap dancer lap dancing
Lappish lapse lapsed laptop lapwing
larder large large-scale large-size largely
largeness largesse larval laryngitis lascivious
lasciviously laser printer lash out lassitude last {1}
last {2} last post latchkey child late-night latecomer
lateness later lateral lateral thinking lath
laze lazily lazy lazybones lbw
lead off {1} lead on {1} lead pencil {2} lead time {1} lead-free {2}
leaded leaden leader leading edge leading lady
leading question leaf through leaflet league league match
league table leak out leakage leaky lean {2}
lean forward {2} lean out {2} lean over {2} lean-to {2} leap
leapfrog leapt learn learn off learned
learner learnt lease lease back leaseback
leasehold leaseholder least leathery leave
leave about leave off leave on leavetaking leavings
Lebanese Lebanon lecher lenient lens
lentil Leo leopard leotard lessen
lessening lesser lesson lessor let {1}
let go {1} let in {1} let off {1} let out {1} let-down {1}
lethal lethargic lethargy letter of credit letter scales
letterbox leucocyte levee level off levitate
Leviticus levy lewd lewdness lexical
lexicographer lexicologist lexicology liabilities liable
liaise lifeboat lifeguard lifelike lifeline
lifer lifestyle LIFO lift attendant lift off
lift out lift up lift-off liftboy ligament
light bulb {1} light opera light pen light up {1} light upon
light year {1} light-coloured {1} light-haired {1} light-headed {2} light-hearted {2}
lighten {1} lighten {2} lighter lighter fuel

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