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uptrend upturned UPVC urban centre urban dweller
urban planning urban renewal urban warfare urbane urbanely
urbanity urbanization Urdu ureter urethra
urge on urgently urinal urinary urinary tract
urine urological urologist USAF use {1}
use {2} use up used {3} usefulness useless
uselessly uselessness user group user support user-definable
user-defined user-friendly user-interface usherette USIA
valentine valetudinarian validity valuation value system
value-added tax value-creating activity value-free valued valueless
valuer vamoose vamp up vampirism van {2}
vandalize vanilla essence vanishing act vanity plates vanity publishing
vanquish vantage ground vaporizer vapour trail vapouring
variability variable variable cost variable rate varicose veins
variegated variety artist variety show variform varlet
vendee vendible vending machine vending pack vendition
vendue veneer venerable Venezuelan vengeance
ventricle ventriloquism ventriloquist's dummy venture forth Venture Scout
venturesome Venus Venus flytrap Venusian veracious
verbal noun verbalize verbally verbena verbiage
verdigris verge on verger Vergil verifiability
verify verisimilitude veritable vermouth veronica
versatile viciousness vicissitude victimization Victoria Cross
Victoria Falls victoriously victual victualler victuals
vicuña video camera video cassette video conference video conferencing
video diary video game video recorder video tape video-recording
video-tape vidkid Viet Vet Vietcong viewable
viewership viewing figures viewing public viewpoint vigilantism
vigilantly vignette Viking vileness vilification
vilify village green villainous villainously villein
vim vindicate vindication vindictively visit with
visiting professor visiting rights visiting terms visitor visual display terminal
visual field vital force vital parts vital signs vitally
vitamin pill vitreous vitrifaction vitrify vitriol
vitriolic vitro vituperate vituperative vivarium
vividly vividness vivify viviparous vivisectionist
vizier VLSI vocabulary vocal cords vocalist
vocational school vocationally vociferous vociferously vogue expression
voice box voice part voice production voice range voice recognition
voice synthesizer vulgarism vulgarity vulgarize vulgarly
vulnerable w/o Waaf WAAF wacko
waddle wade in wade into wader wading bird
waffle {1} waffler wag {1} wage {1} wage {2}
wage demand wage packet wage payment wage rates wage scale
wage slave waggle waggon wagon train wainscot(t)ing
waist-deep wallow about {(Brit) or} around wally walrus moustache waltz about {(Brit) or} around
waltzer wander back wander in wanderlust wane
wanly wannabe wanness want ad want in
want out wanted list wanton wantonly wantonness
war baby war cabinet war clouds war correspondent

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