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reunification reunify reunion reunite rev up
revaluation revamp revanchist revealing revealingly
reveille revel revelation revelatory reveller
revelry revengefully revenger revenue investigator revenue stamp
reverberant reverberation reverend reverie reversal
reverse discrimination reversible reversible cloth reversible jacket reversionary
revert review body review copy reviewing stand revised
revision revisionism revisionist revisit revivalism
revive revivify revocable revocation revoltingly
revolutionize revolvable revolve revolver revolving chair
Richter scale rick {2} rickets rickety rickrack
rickshaw ricochet rictus riddance riddle {1}
riddle {2} ride about {(Brit) or} around ride behind ride up ridge tent
ridge tile ridgepole ridgeway ridiculousness riding breeches
riding crop riding habit riding light Riesling riffle
riffraff rifleman rift saw rift valley rig out
rigger right angle right-angled triangle right-of-centre rights issue
rigidly rigor rigor mortis rigorous rigorously
risotto risqué rissole rite of passage ritualistic
ritualize ritually rivalry river basin river police
riverboat riverside rivet(t)ing riveter riveting
rivulet riyal RNAS RNLI RNR
road conditions road construction road manager road metal road movie
road sense road tax road test road transport roadholding (ability)
roadhouse roadroller roadside roadsweeper roadworthiness
roamer roaming Roaring Forties roaster roll-on/roll-off
roll-out roll-top roll-top desk rollbar rolled gold
rolled oats rolled steel roller blind roller coaster roller skate
roller towel roller-skate Rollerblade rollick rollicking
rolling train Rolodex romaine roman à clef Roman arch
Roman calendar Roman candle Roman nose romancer Romanesque
Romanic romantic love romantically Romish roof guard
rookie room clerk room service roomful rooster
rough justice rough trade rough-hew rough-spoken roughneck
roulette Roumania {etc} round cell round dance round robin
Round Table round towel round-cheeked round-eyed round-shouldered
round-table discussion/conference roundelay roundhouse roundly rousing
routinely routinist roving ambassador roving reporter row {3}
row house rowdyism rowing boat rowing club rowlock
Royal Academy (of Arts) Royal Air Force rudimentary rue {1} rue {2}
rueful ruefully ruff {1} ruff {2} ruffian
ruffianism Rugby League rugby player Rugby Union ruggedness
ruination rule out rumble strip ruminant rumination
rummage sale rumour mill rumour-monger rumour-mongering rumpled
rumply rumpus room run at run away run away with
run back run down run in run into run on
run out of run over run round run through run to
run-of-the-mill run-on (line) run-out run-through run-up
runabout runaround runaway runback rundown
runic rye bread rye whisk(e)y S & L s.a.e.
s.g. s/c s/he Sabbatarian

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