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-oared A list a posteriori a priori A shares
A to Z A-bomb A-side a/cs pay. a/cs rec.
AAA AAIB Aaron's beard ABA abacus
abandoned abattoir abbess abbr. abseil
absence absent-mindedly absent-mindedness absentee ballot absentee landlord
absently absolute altitude absolute pitch absolve absorbency
absorbing abstract {2} abstruse abstruseness abusively
abutter abutting abyss ACAS accede
accelerate accelerator acceptable acerbity acetic
acetic acid acetone acetylene achievable achieve
achievement achiever acid drop acid test acid-tongued
acidhead acne acorn acoustically acquiescence
acquirer acquisitive acquisitiveness acquittal acrid
Acrilan acrimonious acrimoniously acrimony acrostic
acrylic ACT act on act up act upon
actinic actinometer action committee action film action man
action replay action woman action-packed actionable activated sludge
activation adhocracy adieu adjectival adjective
adjudge adjudicate adjustability admass administer
administrate administratively Admiralty admire admirer
admissible admittance Adonis adopted adoptee
adoringly adorn adornment adrenal adrenalin(e)
adsorb adulterate adulteration adulterous aeronautical engineering
aeronautics aeroplane aerospace industry Aeschylus Aesop
aesthete aesthetic(al) aesthetics aestival aestivate
aetiology affable affect {2} affectation affecting
affiliate affiliation affinity (credit) card affirmative affirmatively
affix {1} affix {2} afflatus afflict affliction
affluence affluent {1} afford affordable affright
Afghanistan aficionado afield afire AFL-CIO
aflame afloat afoot aforementioned afoul
Afrikaans Afrikaner after-dinner agony column agony columnist
agoraphobia agoraphobic agrarian agree on agree to
agreed agribusiness agricultur(al)ist agricultural college agrochemical
agronomy aground ahem ahoy aiming point
ain't air bubble Air Chief Marshal air commodore air cover
air display air duct air force air force pilot air hostess
air miss air passenger air pressure air rescue service air shaft
air sleeve air supremacy air terminal alarmist alas
Alaska Alaskan Albania Albanian albinism
albino Albion albuminous alchemical alcoholic
Aleutian Islands Alexander ALF alfalfa alfresco
algae algal Algeria Algerian algorithm
algorithmic alibi Alice band alienable alienate
alienation alike alimony alkalinity All Fools' Day
All Hallows' (Day) all out All Saints' Day all-American all-conquering
all-day all-dayer all-fired all-important all-in wrestling
all-inclusive all-knowing all-male all-merciful alpenhorn
alpenstock alpha particle alpha ray alphabetic(al) alphanumeric
Alsace-Lorraine alsatian Alsatian alt key Alta
altar boy altar rail altarpiece alteration

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