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mean {2} mean {3} meanderings meanie meaning
meaningful meaningfully meaningless meanness means
meant measure up measureless measuring measuring device
measuring instrument measuring range meat safe meat-chopper meatpacker
medium-rare medium-sweet medium-term medium-wave medley
medulla meek meekness meerschaum meeting house
meeting point meg megabucks megalomania megalomaniac
megastar megastore megaton melancholia melancholy
melange mellifluously Mellotron melodiousness melodrama
melody melon melt away melt down meltdown
melting point melting pot membership membership card membership fee
membrane memo pad memoir Memorial Day memory bank
memory chip memory expansion card memory-resident men men's room
menacing menacingly ménage mend mendacious
mendaciously mendacity mesmerize meson mess {1}
mess about {(Brit) or} around mess jacket mess kit mess tin mess-up
message message switching messianic messily messmate
messy met {1} met {2} meta- metabolic
metabolic rate metacarpal metal detector metal plating metal polish
metal-arc welding metalanguage metalled metallic metallurgic(al)
metallurgist metalworker metaphorical metaphorically metaphysical
metaphysics metatarsal mete meteor meteor shower
meteorite meteoroid Meteorological Office meteorologist meter {1}
meter {2} meter maid methamphetamine methane methanol
method acting Methodist methodology methought methylated spirits
metonymy metre metric metrication middle name
middle watch middle-class middle-distance running middle-income middlebrow
middleman Middx midfield midi (system) midlife crisis
midnight midnight-blue midpoint midriff midshipman
midships midst midstream Midsummer's Day midterm
midtown midway Midwest mightily mightiness
mighty mignonette migrant migrate migration
mike Mike milady milage Milan
mild mildew mildness mile mileage
mileometer milestone militantly militarism militaristic
militarize military military academy military base military spending
military-industrial complex mineral water mineralogist mineralogy minesweeper
Ming miniature camera miniature golf miniaturist minibar
minibudget minicab minicassette minimal minimal artist
minimalism minimalist minimize minimum lending rate minimum wage
mining mining disaster mining engineer mining industry mining town
minion minipill miniski miniskirt ministate
minister ministerial ministration ministry minnow
minor minor league minor premise Minorcan minority government
Minotaur minster minstrel mint {2} minus
minuscule minute {1} minx miracle miracle drug
misled mismanagement misnomer misogamy misogynist
misprint mispronounce mispronunciation misrepresent misrule
miss {1} missile missile base missile launcher missing
missing link mission controller missionary missionary position missis
Mississippi missive Missouri misspell misspelling
misspent misstatement missus missy mist over
mistake mistaken mistranslation mistreat mistreatment
mistrust mistrustful misty misunderstand misunderstanding
misunderstood misword mite {1} miter mitigation
mix mixed module MOH mohair
Mohammed Mohammedan Mohican moiety moist
moisten moistness moisture mold {etc} Moldavia
Moldova Moldovan molecular biology molehill molest
molestation mollusc mollycoddle Molotov cocktail molt
molten mom moment momentarily momentary
momentous momentousness monarch monarchic(al) monarchist
monarchy monastery monastic monetarism monetarist
monetary unit money belt money matters money order money prize
money spider money-grubbing moneylending

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