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leading lady leading question leading reins leading role leading-edge
leaf leaf bud leaf mould leaf spring leafed
leafleting leafy league {1} league {2} leak
leak out leakage lean {2} lean back lean forward
lean over lean production lean-to leaning left-of-centre
left-wing leftie leftish leftist leftover
leftward(s) lefty leg leg warmers legacy
legal action legal aid legal eagle legal offence legal separation
legal successor legal tender legalese legalistically legality
legalization legatee legation legerdemain leggings
leggy Leghorn legible legionary legionnaire's disease
legislation legislator legislature legitimacy legitimately
legitimatize legless leguminous Leics leisure activities
leisure centre leisure hours leisure suit leisured leisurewear
leitmotif lemma lemon law lemon sole lemon squash
lemon squeezer lemon zest lemony lemur level up
levelly lever lever out lever up lever-arch file
leviathan Levis Levite levity levy
lewdly lewdness lexicology lexicon liaise
liaison Lib Dem Lib-Lab libel libellous
liberal liberal democracy Liberal Democrat liberal education liberalism
liberality libertarian liberty bodice Libra Libran
library ticket libretto lice licence licence fee
licence number licence plate licensed licensee licensor
liftoff lig ligature light {2} light (up)on
light barrier light bulb light cream light lorry light meter
light pen light pollution light switch light water reactor light wave
light year light-emitting diode light-footed light-haired light-headed
light-headedness light-hearted light-heartedly light-skinned lighten {1}
lighter {2} lighthouse keeper lighting lighting-up time lightly
lightness {1} lightning conductor lightproof lights out ligneous
like {1} like {2} like-minded like-named likeable
liken likeness likewise liking lilac
Lilliputian Lilo lilt lilting liltingly
lily pad lily-white limbo {1} lime {1} lime {3}
lion lioness lionhearted lionize lip balm
lip salve lip service lip-read lip-reading lip-smacking
liposuction lippy lipstick liquid measure liquidity
liquidizer liquor store lisp lissom(e) list {1}
list {2} list {3} list {4} list price listeria
listing listing paper listlessly listlessness lists
litany lite liter literary literary agent
literary critic literary criticism literary historian literary theory literate
literati lithe lithograph Lithuanian litigation
litigious litmus litmus paper litotes litter basket
loan shark loan word loanback facility loathe loathing
loathsome loathsomeness loaves lob lobotomize
lobster loc cit local area network local authority local council
local education authority locality locative loch lock in
lock out lock up lock-up lockage locker
locket locomotive locust locution lode
lodestone lodging lodging house loess loft
loft conversion loftily lofty log {1} log up
loganberry logarithm logarithmic loggia logging
logic look after look around look at look away
look down on look for look forward to look in look on
look out for look over look through look to look upon
look-in look-over look-through looked-for looker
looking glass lookout loon {2} loon pants loony
loop loose change loose chippings loose covers loose-living
loosebox loosely loot lop ears lope
loquacious loquacity lord Lord Chancellor Lord Justice
Lord Mayor lordliness lordly Lordship lorry driver
loser losing loss loss adjuster loss leader
lossmaker lost-and-found (department) low-loader

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