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Kashmir Kate KC kebab kedge
kedgeree keel keel over keelhaul keen {2}
keenly keenness keep keep away keep back
keep fit keep from keep in keep off keep together
keep under keep up keeper kidney machine kidney stone
kidney-shaped kidology kill kill-time killer
killer instinct killer satellite killer whale killjoy kilo
kilobyte kilogramme kilometre kilovolt kilowatt
kin kind {1} kind-hearted kindergarten kindly
kindness kinfolk king king crab king prawn
King's Bench King's English king's messenger King's speech king-size(d)
kingbolt kingcup kingdom kingfisher kinglet
kingly kingmaker kingpin kinsfolk kinsman
kinswoman kiosk kipper kir Kirghiz
Kirghizstan kiss kiss away kiss-off kissable
kissing disease kissing gate kissproof kit kit car
kit out {or} up kitbag kitchen knock on knock out
knock over knock together knock up knock-for-knock knock-kneed
knock-me-down knock-on effect knock-up knockabout knockback
knockdown knocker knocking knocking-shop knot
knot together knotgrass knotty know of know-all
knowing knowingly knowledge knowledgeable knowledgeably
known knuckle knuckle down knuckle joint knuckle sandwich
knuckle under knucklebones knucklehead knurl KO
koala kookaburra kooky kopeck Koran
Korea Korean kosher Kosovan Kosovo
KP kph kraken Kremlin kremlinologist
kremlinology krone krypton Kt kudos
kung fu Kurdish Kuwaiti kV L
L iron L-driver L-plate l.h.d. LA
la-di-da lab laid laid-back lain
laird laissez faire laity lake {1} lake {2}
Lake District lake dweller lake dwelling lakeside lallygag
lam {1} lam {2} lama lamb lamb chop
lamb's lettuce lambskin lamé lame duck lamella
lameness lament lamentable lamentation laminated
lamp bracket lamp chimney lamp standard lamplight lamplighter
lamprey lampshade LAN lance lance corporal
lancer lancers lancet lancet arch lancet window
Lancs land land agent land army land breeze
land defences land development land forces land law land line
land reform land register land route land tax land up
land-based landau landed landfall landfill (site)
landholder landing approach landing card landing craft landing gear
landing place landing stage landing strip landing wheels landlady
landlocked landlord landlubber laser printer laser show
laser surgery laser technology lash around lash back lash into
lash on {or} along lash out lash up lass lassitude
lasso last {3} Last Judgement last out last rites
last-chance saloon last-minute lat Lat latch
latch on latchkey late Late Latin late-night
lately latency lateness latent later
lateral lateral line lateral thinking lather Latin
Latin America Latin American Latin Quarter latinist latish
latter latter-day latterly lattice latticed
Latvia Latvian laud laudanum laugh down
laugh off laughable laughing hy(a)ena layette laying
layman layout layperson laze laze about {(Brit) or} around
laziness lazy lazy eye lazy Susan lazybones
lb LBO lbw lc LCD
lea LEA lead {1} lead {2} lead acetate
lead along lead content lead crystal lead guitar lead off
lead on lead out lead paint lead poisoning lead singer
lead time lead up lead-crystal leaded leaden
leaderless leading {1} leading edge

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