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ex {1} ex {2} ex gratia ex-convict ex-directory
ex-dividend ex-works exacerbate exacerbation exact
exactingness exactitude exactness exaggerate exaggeratedly
exaggeration exalt exaltation exalted exam
examination examine examiner example exasperate
exasperating exasperation excavate excavation excavator
exceed exceedingly excel excellence Excellency
excellent excellently except excepting exception
exceptionable exceptional excerpt excess excess demand
excess fare excess freight excess postage excess production excess profit
excess weight excessive excessively exchange control Exchange Rate Mechanism
exchange teacher exchange visit exchangeable exhale exhausting
exhibition centre exhibitioner exhibitionism exhibitionist exhilarate
exhilarated exhortation exhumation exhume exiguity
exile exist existence existent existential
existentialism existentialist exit exit permit exitus
exonerate exorbitance exorbitant exorbitantly exorcism
exorcist exorcize exoteric exotic exotically
exoticism expand expand (up)on expanded polystyrene expanse
expansion board expansionist expansively expatiate expatriate
expectant expectantly expected expectorant expectorate
expedience expedient expediently expeditionary expeditious
expel expend expendability expendable expenditure
extant extendable extension cable extension course extension lead
extensively extensor extent extenuate extenuation
exterior exterminator external external trade externalize
externally extinguisher extol extortion extra
extra- extract extractor extractor fan extractor hood
extraditable extradite extradition order extradition warrant extramarital
extraneous extraordinaire extraordinarily extraordinary extraordinary general meeting
extrapolate extrapolation extrasensory extraterritorial extravagant
extravagantly extreme extremism extremist extremity
extrication extrinsic extroversion extroverted extrusion
exuberance exult exultant factionalism factor in
factorize Factory Act factory hand factory ship factual
factually faculty fad fade fade away
fade out fade-in fade-out fadeless Faeroes
faff about fag fag end Fahrenheit FAI
fail fail-safe faint-hearted fainting fit faintly
fair {1} fair-haired boy fair-spoken fairly fairness
fairway fairy fairy footsteps fairy queen fairy-tale
faith cure faithful faithfully faithfulness faithlessness
fake fakir falcon fan {1} fan out
fan oven fan tracery fan-assisted fan-shaped fanatic
fanatically fanaticism fancied fancifulness fancy
fancy dress fancy goods fancy-dress fancy-free fanlight
fanny fantasia fantasize fantastically fantasy
fanzine Far East far gone Far North far-flung
far-seeing far-sighted far-sightedness faraway farce
farcemeat farcical fare zone fare-dodger farewell
farm out farm prices farmer farmhouse farmhouse loaf
farming farmland farmstead farmyard Faroe Islands
Faroese Farsi fart fart about {(Brit) or} around farther
farthermost farthing fas fascia fault-finding
fault-tolerant faultlessly fava bean favour favourably
favoured favourite favouritism fawn {1} fawn {2}
fax machine fax message fax number faxshot fay
FBI fearfully fearlessness feasibility study feat
feather feather bed feather cut feather duster feathery
feature feature article feature story feature writer February
feckless fecund fecundate fecundity fed {2}
fed up Fedayeen federalism federalist federate
federated federation fedora feeble feeble-minded
feebly feed back ferrous ferrule ferryman
fertile fertility fertility cult

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