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-maker -masted -minded -minted -motored
-named -natured -oriented -paced -person
-phile -phobe -phobic -pounder -producing
-pronged -reg -roomed -saver -saving
-seater -shaped -sided -sighted -size(d)
-skinned -sleeved -soled -something -speaking
-specific -storeyed -stricken -style -tailed
-tempered -toed -toned -tonner -voiced
-waisted -ward(s) -ware -wheeled -wide
-winged -wise -witted a A
A A & E A 1 a cappella a fortiori
à la à la carte à la mode A level A-1
A-OK A-road A/C aardvark abaft
abalone abate abatement abbey abbot
abbreviation abs ABS abscess abscond
absconder absent absent-minded absentee absentee voter
absenteeism absinth(e) absolute majority absolute zero absolutely
absolution absolutism absorb absorbent cotton absorption
abstainer abstemious abstemiousness abstention abstinence
abstinent abstract {1} abstracted abstractedly abstraction
abstractness absurd absurdist absurdity absurdly
abundant abundantly abuse abusiveness abutment
ABV abysmally Abyssinian AC/DC acacia
academe academic academically academicals academician
academy Academy Awards ceremony acanthus acc acc.
acceleration ratio accent accentuate accentuation accept
acceptability acceptably acceptance acceptance house acceptance trials
ace acerbic acetate ache Achilles
achingly achy acid acid rain acid rock
acid-proof acidic acidity acidly ack-ack
acknowledge acknowledged acknowledgement acme acolyte
aconite acoustic coupler acoustic guitar acoustics acquaint
acquaintance acquaintanceship acquiescent acquirement acquisition
acquit acre acreage acrobat acrobatics
acronym acropolis across across-the-board acting
action action group action movie action painting action stations
activate actively activism adipose adiposis
adjacent adjoin adjoining adjournment adjudication
adjudicator adjunct adjuration adjure adjustable spanner
adjustable-pitch propeller adjuster adjutant adjutant general Adm
adman administration administrative administrative court administrator
administratrix admirable admiral admiration admiring
admissibility admission admissions officer admit admit of
admit to admittedly admixture admonishment admonitory
ado adobe adolescence adolescent adoption
adoption agency adoptive adorable adorably adoration
adore adorer adoring ADP Adriatic (Sea)
adrift adroitly adroitness adsorption adulate
adulation adulatory adulterer adulteress adultery
adulthood aerodynamically aerodynamics aerofoil aerogramme
aeromodelling aeronaut aeronautic(al) aerosol aerospace research
aerosphere Aertex Aesculapian aesthetically aestheticism
aetiological afar affability affair affect {1}
affected affectedly affectionate affectionately affective
affidavit affinity affirm affirmation affluent {2}
afforest afforestation affranchise affray affricate
affront Afghan Afghani aflutter aforethought
afraid afresh African African violet African-American
Afro Afro-American Afro-Asian Afro-Caribbean aft
after {1} after {2} after-hours after-lunch agony uncle
agreeably agricultural engineer agricultural show agriculturally agriculture
agronomist ague ah aha ahead
ahold AI AIC aid aid agency
aid programme aide aide-de-camp aide-memoire aiding and abetting
AIDS AIDS patient AIDS victim

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