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to bring the washing in exp.
rentrer le linge

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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
engager une procédure
porter bonheur
faire venir à ses pieds
rappeler à l'ordre
porter bonheur à qn
amener qn
gagner qn à sa cause
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     ( brought    pt, pp  )
     [+thing]   apporter  
→ Remember to bring an apron.        
→ Would you bring me a glass of water?        
→ He poured a brandy for Dena and brought it to her.        
→ Her three children brought her joy.        
→ It brought him satisfaction to see his students pass their exams.        
→ She brought her hands up to her face.        
Bring warm clothes.      Apportez des vêtements chauds.  
Could you bring me my trainers?      Tu peux m'apporter mes baskets?  
     [+person]   amener  
→ He brought Judy with him.        
→ What brought you to this town in the first place?        
Can I bring a friend?      Est-ce que je peux amener un ami?  
to bring sth to an end      mettre fin à qch  
→ The Executive tried to bring the sit-in to an end.        
→ the events which brought the war to an end        
to bring sth to a stop      arrêter qch  
→ He brought the car to a stop.        
to bring sth crashing down      faire s'écrouler qch  
→ a gas blast which brought her home crashing down on top of her        
   to bring o.s. to do sth      se résoudre à faire qch, se décider à faire qch  
→ I just cannot bring myself to talk about it.        
I can't bring myself to fire him.      Je ne peux me résoudre à le mettre à la porte.  

bring about  
     [+change, disaster]   provoquer  
The war brought about a change in people's attitudes.      La guerre a provoqué un changement dans l'attitude des gens.  
→ the only way to bring about political change        
     [+failure, defeat]   entraîner
     [+settlement, agreement, reconciliation]   amener  
→ The Administration helped bring about a peaceful settlement.        
bring along  
→ Dad brought a notebook along.        
[person]   amener  
→ Bring along your friends.        
bring back  
     [+thing]   rapporter  
→ She brought my book back.        
     [+memories]   ranimer  
→ Your article brought back sad memories for me.        
to bring it all back, It brought it all back.      Tout m'est revenu.  
→ Talking about it brought it all back.        
     [+practice, custom]   rétablir  
→ Some people want to bring back the death penalty.        
     [+person]   ramener  
bring down  
  [+tax, price]  
They should bring down their prices.      Ils devraient baisser leurs prix.  
→ They brought down income taxes.        
→ Fierce competition has seen rival companies bringing their prices down.        
→ They charge too much, they should bring their prices down.        
   (=cause to fall)  
  [+rate, price]  
faire baisser  
Competition brings down prices.      La concurrence fait baisser les prix.  
→ Increasing competition is bringing down prices.        
→ The discovery of new oilfields brought the price down.        
   (=shoot down)   abattre
     [+government]   renverser  
→ A national strike would bring the government down.        
bring forth  
      vt   produire  
→ He opened the case and brought forth a fat envelope.        
→ the committee was expected to bring forth a fresh nomination        
bring forward  
     [+meeting, event]   avancer  
The meeting was brought forward.      On a avancé la réunion.  
→ We decided to bring the wedding forward.        
→ The meeting has been brought forward to Tuesday.        
     [+proposal]   soumettre  
→ The Government will bring forward proposals for legislation.        
     [+balance]   reporter  
→ At the start of each new page, you should bring the previous balance forward.        
bring in  
     [+person]     (into house, room)    faire entrer
     (object)    rentrer
     [+legislation]   introduire  
→ The government brought in a controversial law.        
     [+verdict]   rendre  
→ They brought in a guilty verdict.        
→ Tourism is a big industry, bringing in 3.7 billion pounds a year.        
→ I have three part-time jobs, which bring in about £6,000 a year        
He's bringing in quite a lot of money.      Il gagne pas mal d'argent.  
     [+new team, new player]   faire appel à  
→ It would be a mistake to bring in an outsider.        
→ The firm decided to bring in a new management team.        
→ Usually new managers bring in one or two players        
bring off  
     [+coup]   réussir  
→ They were about to bring off an even bigger coup.        
   (=successfully carry out)  
mener à bien
     [+merger, deal]   mener à bien  
→ he failed to bring off a merger between BskyB and Canal Plus        
bring on  

→ Severe shock can bring on an attack of acne.        
→ Bob died of a heart attack, brought on by his lifestyle.        
bring out  
     [+thing]   sortir  
→ Reaching into her pocket, she brought out a cigarette.        
faire ressortir, mettre en relief  
to bring out the best in sb      faire apparaître qn sous son meilleur jour  
→ A challenge brought out the best in him.        
to bring out the worst in sb      faire ressortir les mauvais côtés de qn  
→ These dreadful circumstances bring out the worst in absolutely everybody.        
     [+new product]   sortir  
→ Colin Bradbury has now brought out a second album.        
  [+book]   publier  
→ He's now brought out a book.        
bring round  
  [+unconscious person]  
→ I'd passed out and he'd brought me round.        
bring to  
  [+unconscious person]  
bring up  
     [+child]   élever  
She brought up 5 children on her own.      Elle a élevé cinq enfants toute seule.  
I bring my children up to be trusting, honest and helpful.      J'apprends à mes enfants à être confiants, honnêtes et serviables.  
     [+question]   soulever  
→ I advised her to bring the matter up at the next meeting.        
→ I hate to bring it up, but ...        
vomir, rendre  
→ If I taste anything, I bring it up again directly.        
bring-and-buy sale  
      n     (British)   vente    f   de charité
Translation English - French Collins Dictionary  
"to bring the washing in": examples and translations in context
Only on Monday, I offered to bring in the washing. Mais elle ne le partage pas.
We should bring the washing in... Ce n'est pas la fin du monde.
If it rains, bring the washing in. S'il pleut, rentre le linge.
Stichus, prepare my burial vestments and ointment... and bring the wine for washing my bones. Stichus, prépare mes habits et mes onguents funéraires... et apporte le vin qui lavera mes os.
FREE laundry (just bring your washing powder)! blanchisserie gratuit (apportez votre poudre à laver)!
The washing means (2) are arranged to bring the material laden air into intimate contact with a cleaning liquid. Les dispositifs de lavage (2) mettent l'air chargé de matériau en contact étroit avec un liquide nettoyant.
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