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   (=thing carried)     (by lorry, ship, plane)    chargement    m     
→ Its load of minerals was dumped at sea.        
     (by person)    charge    f  
a man carrying a heavy load      un homme portant une lourde charge  
I did three loads of washing.      J'ai fait trois machines.  
   (=workload)   charge    f   de travail  
→ She's taking some of the load off the secretaries.        
→ She needs an assistant to help her share the load.        
     (ELECTRICITY)   charge  
→ The load on the walls was too great and they collapsed.        

a load of      un tas de  
→ His people came up with a load of embarrassing information.        
a load of kids      un tas de gamins  
a load of nonsense      un tas d'âneries  
→ I've never heard such a load of nonsense.        
Personally, I think that's a load of garbage!      Personnellement, je trouve que c'est un tas d'âneries!, Personnellement, je trouve que c'est n'importe quoi!  
You're talking a load of rubbish!      Tu ne dis que des bêtises!  

loads of        [+things, people]   des tas de  
loads of people      des tas de gens  
→ I used to read loads of Asterix books.        
loads of money      un tas d'argent  
→ I've got loads of money.        
     [+lorry, ship]   charger  
They came to load the van.      Ils sont venus charger la camionnette.  
to load sth with      charger qch avec  
→ We loaded up carts with all the water we could spare.        
     [+gun, camera]   charger  
→ I knew how to load and handle a gun.        
to load one's camera with film      charger son appareil  
A photographer from the newspaper was loading his camera with film.      Un photographe du journal était en train de charger son appareil.  
to load one's camera with high-speed film      charger son appareil avec un film à haute sensibilité  
     [+plate]   charger  
He had loaded his plate with lasagne.      Il avait chargé son assiette de lasagnes.  
     [+paintbrush, roller]   charger
→ It takes a few seconds to load the program.        
to load data on a computer      charger des données dans un ordinateur  
→ The data can be loaded on a computer for processing.        

      adj   porteur (-euse)     
lorry load  
a lorry load of sand      un plein camion de sable, un camion de sable  
→ a plot to blow up a lorry-load of explosives        
   (=get rid of)  
  [+unwanted thing]  
se délester de  
→ Prices have been cut by developers anxious to offload unsold apartments ...        
to off-load sth onto sb      se délester de qch auprès de qn  
→ Already in financial difficulties, Turner offloaded the painting on to the Getty Museum.        
     [+task, responsibilities]   se décharger de  
to off-load sth onto sb      se décharger de qch sur qn  
→ I'm trying to offload some of my work onto him.        
→ The supplies need to be offloaded and put on helicopters ...        
→ The cargo was due to be offloaded in Singapore three days later.        
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