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recorder recording studio recount recoup recourse
recover recoverable recovery vehicle recreate recreation
recreation ground recrimination recruiting office recruitment recruitment agency
rectangle rectify rectory rectum recumbent
recuperation recuperative recur referral refinance
refined reflation reflationary reflect reflect on
reflection reflex reflexive reflexologist reflexology
reforest reforestation reform reformat reformation
Reformation reformatory reformed reformer refract
refraction refractory refrain refreshing refreshingly
refreshment refrigerated refrigerated lorry refrigeration refrigerator
refuel refuelling refuge refugee refugee camp
refund refuse refuse disposal refuse dump regal
regard regardless regatta regency regenerate
regent regicide regime regime change regimen
regimental regimentation regimented register registered
reliance relic relief relief map relief organization
relief worker relieved religion religious education relinquish
reliquary relish relive reload relocation
reluctance reluctant rely remainder remaining
remains remake remand centre remand prisoner remark
remarkable remarkably remarriage remember remembrance
Remembrance Day remind remiss remit remittance
remnant remorseful remote remote access remote control
remote-controlled remoteness remould removal expenses remove
removed remunerate remuneration remunerative renaissance
rendezvous rendition renegade renewable reproduce
reproving reptile reptile house republic Republic of Ireland
Republican Party Republicanism repudiate repugnance reputable
reputation reputed request stop requiem require
requirement requisite requisition resale resale value
reschedule rescheduling rescind rescue worker rescuer
research and development research scientist research work research worker researched
researcher reseed resell resemble resent
resentfully resentment reserve reserve bank reserve currency
reserve price reserve team reservist reshaping reshuffle
reside in residence residence hall residency resident
residential residential care resumption resurface resurgence
resurrect resurrection Resurrection resuscitation retail
retail business retail group retail park retail price retail price index
retail therapy retailer retailing retake retaliate
retaliatory retch retell rethink reticent
retina retired retiree retirement retirement age
retirement benefit retiring retold retook retort
retrace retractable retrain retraining retreat
retrial retrieval retriever retro retroactive
retrograde retrospect retrospectively return return fare
return flight return journey return key returnable returner
reunion reunite reusable rev counter rev up
Rev. revaluation revalue Revd revealing
revealingly reveille revel revelation reveller
revelry ribbing rice paper rice-growing ricefield
rich richly rickety rickshaw ricochet
rid riddance riddled ride out ridiculously
riding riding boots riding crop riding jacket

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