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ground bundle of spinal cord n.
faisceau latéral profond de la moelle

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Collaborative Dictionary     English-French
hémisection de la moelle
trou vertébral
dure-mère spinale
cordon latéral de la moelle épinière
cordon postérieur de la moelle épinière
corne antérieure de la moelle épinière
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   (=surface of earth)   terre    f     
on the ground      [sit, lie, put]   par terre  
→ she laid the blanket on the ground        
We sat on the ground.      Nous nous sommes assis par terre.  
     (as opposed to in the air, on water)    à terre  
→ Four Marines on board and one on the ground were injured        
the facilities on the ground      les installations au sol  
to be thin on the ground        (British)   être rare, ne pas être nombreux (-euse)     
→ Good managers are thin on the ground.        
to throw sth on the ground      jeter qch par terre  
to throw sth to the ground      jeter qch par terre  
→ He threw his rucksack to the ground.        
to pick sth up off the ground      ramasser qch par terre  
→ He picked his coat up from the ground.        
to raze sth to the ground      raser complètement qch  
→ The town was razed to the ground after the French Revolution.        
to burn sth to the ground      raser qch par le feu  
below ground      sous terre  
→ They spend their lives below ground sucking sap from roots.        
above ground      en surface  
→ Nuclear testing above ground has been banned.        
to get off the ground      (=get started)   démarrer  
→ loans which help small companies to get off the ground        
to suit sb down to the ground        (British)   aller comme un gant à qn  
→ the Mediterranean-style room suits her down to the ground.        
to cover a lot of ground      (=cover many topics)  
He covered a lot of ground in his lecture.      Sa conférence a traité un grand nombre de questions.  
   (=cover in depth)  
He covered a lot of ground in his lecture.      Sa conférence a traité la question en profondeur.  
   (=earth)   sol    m     
→ The ground was very wet and soft.        
The ground's wet.      Le sol est mouillé.  
to be fertile ground for sb        (fig)   être un terrain propice à qn  
→ clubs have become fertile ground for entrepreneurs        
to be fertile ground for sth      (=productive of)   être un terrain propice à qch  
→ Colonialism is especially fertile ground for nationalist ideas        
to prepare the ground for sth        (fig)   préparer le terrain pour qch  
→ a political initiative which would prepare the ground for war        
→ a series of meetings which will prepare the ground for monetary union        
to break new ground        (fig)   innover  
→ She broke new ground when she filed her report on the Spanish Civil War.        
→ This document broke new ground in penal policy in the UK.        
to go to ground      (=disappear)   se terrer  
→ He went to ground to avoid arrest and has not been seen since.        
   (=land)   terrain    m     
→ a rocky piece of ground        
→ a stretch of waste ground        
sacred ground      terres    fpl   sacrées  
→ This memorial stands on sacred ground.        
to gain ground      gagner du terrain  
→ There are signs that the party is gaining ground in the latest polls.        
to lose ground      perdre du terrain  
→ The US dollar has lost more ground against the yen.        
   (=pitch, field)   terrain    m     
a football ground      un terrain de football  
→ Manchester United's football ground        
    parade ground  
    recreation ground  
   (=reason)   raison    f     
→ The court ruled that surgeons should have sought permission for the surgery, even if there were medical grounds.        
→ The authorities cite health grounds as their reason for closing down the building.        
We've got grounds for complaint.      Nous avons des raisons de nous plaindre.  
on that ground      (=for that reason)   pour cette raison  
on health grounds      [retire, resign]   pour des raisons de santé  
→ He retired on health grounds last year.        
on humanitarian grounds      pour des raisons humanitaires  
→ She had been freed on humanitarian grounds.        
→ He eventually had to retire on medical grounds.        
→ The hospital was closed in 1989 on economic grounds.        
grounds for sth        [+divorce, appeal, complaint]   motifs de qch  
→ She cited adultery as grounds for divorce.        
→ They believe there are several grounds for appeal against the handling of the trial.        
to give grounds for sth        [+optimism, concern]   donner des raisons de qch  
→ Surely these statistics give grounds for optimism.        
→ His recent behaviour has given me increasing grounds for concern.        
to have grounds for doing sth      avoir des raisons de faire qch  
→ We have grounds for believing they are trading illegally.        
→ They had no legal grounds for claiming compensation.        
on the grounds of      (=because of)   pour raison de  
→ He resigned on the grounds of ill health.        
→ She pleaded guilty to murder on grounds of diminished responsibility.        
→ The legislation outlaws discrimination on the grounds of race, religion or politics.        
→ She is going to divorce him on the grounds of adultery.        
on the grounds that ...      (=giving as one's reason that)   en raison du fait que ...  
→ He rejected this idea on the grounds that it would be unworkable.        
→ The court overturned the decision on the grounds that the prosecution had withheld crucial evidence.        
→ They oppose the minimum wage on the grounds that it would prevent employers from taking on new staff.        
     (in contest, discussion, argument)    to find the middle ground      trouver le juste milieu  
→ The sooner we find a middle ground between freedom of speech and protection of the young, the better for everyone.        
to change one's ground, to shift one's ground      changer son fusil d'épaule  
→ Nothing prevents us from changing our ground and taking into account the latest developments.        
to shift one's ground on sth      changer son fusil d'épaule au sujet de qch  
→ Government leaders have shifted their ground on drugs, announcing their willingness to decriminalise cannabis.        
to stand one's ground        (against attackers)    tenir bon  
→ Tom stood his ground and glared right back at them.        
to stand one's ground, to hold one's ground        (against critics)    être ferme  
→ Have the confidence to stand your ground over career or professional matters.        
to hold its ground      [theory]   tenir bon  
a theory that has held its ground for nearly six decades      une théorie qui tient bon depuis près de soixante ans  
to be on safe ground      (=secure)   être sur un terrain familier  
→ Sanger is on reasonably safe ground when he sticks to military history        
to be on shaky ground      (=vulnerable)   être dans une position délicate  
→ She knew she was on shaky ground, for if she was to tell the truth ...        
neutral ground      terrain neutre  
→ We hope the academic setting will provide a neutral ground in which different groups will feel able to discuss the issues openly.        
to meet on neutral ground      se rencontrer en terrain neutre  
common ground      terrain d'entente  
→ There seems to be little common ground between the warring parties.        
to find common ground      trouver un terrain d'entente  
→ The treaty depends on the two men's ability to find common ground.        
     (US)        ground wire    terre    f  
     [+plane]   empêcher de décoller, retenir au sol  
→ The Dutch Air Force has grounded all its aircraft.        
to be grounded by bad weather      être retenu (e)   au sol à cause du mauvais temps  
→ The helicopters were grounded by bad weather.        
     [+child]   empêcher de sortir  
→ His father grounded him for a month.        
     (US)   (=earth)  
  [+electrical appliance]  
équiper d'une prise de terre, mettre à la terre
      vi     (ship)    s'échouer  
→ the rocks where the ship had grounded        
→ The boat finally grounded on a reef.        
   [coffee, spice]   moulu (e)     
→ ground cinnamon        
→ ground ginger        
haché (e)  
   [+house, school]   enceinte    m     
→ the palace grounds        
→ the grounds of the University        
→ They were playing in the school grounds.        
   [+coffee]   marc    m     

[pool, car park]  
extérieur (e)  , en plein air  
→ The new building has above-ground parking        
breeding ground  
     (for terrorism, corruption, scandal)    terreau    m     
a breeding ground for sth      un terreau pour qch  
→ The system is, unsurprisingly, a breeding ground for corruption        
→ Flaws in the system have created a breeding ground for financial scandals ...        
London has become a breeding ground for terrorists.      Londres est devenu un terreau fertile pour les terroristes.  
   [+talent]   pépinière    f     
a breeding ground for talent      une pépinière de talents  
→ Historically, St. Benedict's is a breeding ground for talent        
     (for bacteria, germs)    terrain    m   propice  
→ Warm milk is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.        
     (for mosquitoes)    zone    f   de reproduction
a breeding ground for      un terrain propice à  
→ workers whose vile living conditions were a breeding ground for germs        
burial ground  
      n   cimetière    m     
camping ground   , camping site  
      n   camping    m  , terrain    m   de camping  
centre ground  
      n     (in politics)    centre    m     
→ New Labour's spell in the political centre ground        
→ The SNP leader has faced criticism for moving his party towards the centre ground.        
to occupy the centre ground      [political party]   se situer au centre, être au centre  
→ ... a British political party occupying the centre ground.        
common ground  
      n     (fig)   terrain    m   d'entente  
→ There is no common ground upon which negotiations can be based.        
consecrated ground  
      n   terre consacrée  
→ I want to bury him properly in consecrated ground and allow him to rest in peace.        
dumping ground  
      n   dépotoir    m     
to be a dumping ground for sth      être un dépotoir de qch  
→ Eastern Europe is rapidly becoming a dumping-ground for radioactive residues.        
football ground  
      n   terrain    m   de football  
ground almonds  
      npl   amandes    fpl   pilées  
ground attack  
      n   offensive    f   terrestre  
ground beef  
      n     (US)   bœuf    m   haché  
ground cloth  
      n     (US)       groundsheet  
ground control  
      n     (at airport)    contrôle    m   au sol  
ground crew  
      n     (at airport)    équipe    f   au sol  
→ The airport ground crew tried to dissuade the pilot from taking off.        
ground floor  
      n     (British)   rez-de-chaussée    m     
→ They live on the ground floor.        
→ the ground floor of the hotel        
on the ground floor      au rez-de-chaussée  
[flat, room]  
au rez-de-chaussée  
du rez-de-chaussée  
ground forces  
      npl     (MILITARY)   forces    fpl   terrestres  
ground frost  
      n   gelée    f   blanche  
ground level  
at ground level      au niveau du sol  
→ The hotel is set on three floors. There's a bar and cafe at ground level        
ground rent  
      n     (British)   fermage    m     
ground rules  
      npl   principes    mpl   de base  
→ The panel says the ground rules for the current talks should be maintained.        
→ a new set of ground rules for free trade        
→ One of the ground rules of medicine is that it is always preferable to prevent illness rather than treat it.        
to lay down the ground rules for sth      établir les principes de base de qch  
→ The UN charter lays down the ground rules for conduct between sovereign states.        
to lay down ground rules on sth      établir les principes de base de qch  
→ She laid down strict ground rules on the funding of the project.        
ground staff  
      n     (at airport)    personnel    m   au sol  
      modif   sol-air    inv     
    ground-to-air missile  
ground-to-air missile  
      n   missile    m   sol-air  
      adj   sol-sol    inv     
ground troops  
      npl   armée    f   de terre  
home ground  
   [+sports team]  
to play at one's home ground      jouer sur son terrain  
   (=familiar ground)  
to be on home ground      être en terrain connu  
hunting ground  
     (for animals)    terrain    m   de chasse  
→ Good hunting grounds are becoming harder to find.        
     (fig)   terrain    m   de chasse  
→ Auctions are good hunting grounds, but set yourself a price limit.        
a good hunting ground for sth      un bon terrain de chasse pour qch  
→ Other people's weddings are the perfect hunting ground for ideas ...        
middle ground  
      n   terrain    m   d'entente  
open ground  
   (=waste ground)   terrain    m   vague
     (without cover)    terrain    m   dégagé, terrain    m   libre  
→ the attacker advancing over open ground.        
     (among trees)    clairière    f     
   in open ground      en pleine terre  
to grow a plant in the open ground      cultiver une plante en pleine terre  
→ all plants were grown in the open ground        
parade ground  
      n   terrain    m   de manœuvres  
proving ground  
      n   terrain    m   d'essai  
→ New York is a proving ground today for the Democratic presidential candidates.        
recreation ground  
      n   terrain    m   de jeux  
sports ground  
      n   terrain    m   de sport  
stone-ground   , stoneground  
[flour, wheat]  
moulu (e)   sur pierre  
testing ground  
      n   banc    m   d'essai  
waste ground  
      n   terrain    m   vague  
→ Houses could be built on waste ground.        
a piece of waste ground      un terrain vague  
Translation English - French Collins Dictionary  
"ground bundle of spinal cord": examples and translations in context
It has also been said above that some 40-50% of spinal cord injuries result from road accidents. Il a également été dit plus haut que quarante à cinquante pour cent des lésions de la moelle épinière sont dues à des accidents de la circulation.
There are few reliable statistics on the incidence or prevalence of spinal cord injury. Il existe peu de statistiques fiables concernant l'incidence ou la prévalence des lésions de la moelle épinière.
He is a very strong personality and a great activist for his cause of spinal cord research. Doué d'une forte personnalité, c'est un activiste qui défend avec beaucoup de succès la cause de la recherche sur les lésions médullaires.
Moreover, prevention of spinal cord injury is one of our major concerns. De surcroît, la prévention des blessures médullaires est une de nos grandes préoccupations.
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