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[A - a boy of ten ] [a boyish woman - a compensation package for sb ] [a complement to sth - a dining-room-cum-study ] [a dinner of turkey and all the trimmings - a fifty-mile car ride across the desert ] [a fight for sth - a gleam of hope ] [a glimmer of hope - a holiday hot spot ] [a holiday romance - a little leaven leavens the whole lump ] [a little milk - a media blitz ] [a media empire - a nuclear reprocessing plant ] [a nugget of information - a pioneer in computer art ] [a pioneer in sth - a quiver of panic ] [a quotation from Shakespeare - a satellite's lifetime ] [a satire on sth - a skin complaint ] [a skirt with a slit up the back - a supply of paper ] [a supporter of the Labour Party - a useful tip ] [a vacant seat - a young Australian, Harry Burton by name ] [a young man - aberrant ] [aberrant - abortion due to chromosomal anomalies ] [abortion law reform - absolute accommodation ] [absolute assembly language - abutment tooth ] [abuttal - acceleration jet ] [acceleration of maturity - accident prevention ] [accident protection - accountancy firm ] [accountant - acephalism ] [acephalobrachia - achondroplasty ] [achordal - acne ] [acne atrophica - acritical ] [acritochromacy - acting ] [acting as a check - actress ] [acts of god - ad libitum ] [ad libitum - additionally ] [additionally - adenotonsillectomy ] [adenotyphus - adjure ] [adjuring - admissions register ] [admissive - adulating ] [adulating - advertising consultant ] [advertising consulting - aerodontalgia ] [aerodontia - affiliating with ] [affiliating with - after sales intervention ] [after sales support - agarnous ] [agarose gel - aging of loans ] [aging of the placenta - agrobusiness ] [agrobusiness - air concussion ] [air cond - air vent ] [air vestibule - airstair ] [airstream - alcaptonuria ] [alchemic - algonquin ] [algophilia - all along the ] [all along the road - all the way ] [all the way through - allness ] [all-night - allowably ] [allowance - alpha globulin ] [alpha glucosidase inhibitor - alternative investment fund manager ] [Alternative Investment Fund Manager - am a shoo-in ] [am a slow learner - am mustard keen ] [am my everything - amanuensis ] [amaranth - amenable ] [amenable to reason - ammeter ] [ammo - amphimixis ] [amphipathic - an act of aggression ] [an act of betrayal - an experiment in sth ] [an expert on sth - an unfavourable impression ] [an unforgettable experience - analyse ] [analyse abstracting - anchorage-dependent ] [anchored - anelasticity ] [anelectrotonus - angiodysplasia ] [angiodysplasia of the colon - angor nocturnus ] [angor pectoris - ankle jerk ] [ankle pad - anomy ] [anon - anterior and posterior sacral foramina ] [anterior arch of atlas - anti-addictive ] [anti-ageing line - antifolic ] [antifoulant - antiparkinsonism ] [antiparkinsonism drug - antithrombotics ] [antithrust - Anything at all will do. ] [anything but - aphorism ] [aphoristic - appaling ] [appaling - applanation tonometry ] [applanometer - apportioned sum ] [apportioning - aptly ] [aptness - arborize ] [arborizing - arcticizing ] [arcuale - are full of crap ] [are full of shit - are stupid enough to eat hay ] [are subject to change - arenite ] [arenolutite - arm wrestling ] [arm wrestling match - arrangements ] [arrangements committee - arterial feeder ] [arterial line - articling ] [articulacy - as an earnest of sth ] [as an encore - as I think best ] [As I understand, - as white as a sheet ] [as white as snow - Asia zone ] [asia, Pacific and Middle East zone - assassination ] [assassination attempt - assignment of contract ] [assignment of copyright - asthenic type ] [asthenobiosis - at a crawl ] [at a depth of 3 metres - at eye level ] [at eye level - at one point ] [at one point - At the given moment we all clapped. ] [at the greengrocer's - at vast expense ] [at very high temperature - atlo-axoid ] [atlodidymus - atropinization ] [atropinized - attitude of mind ] [attitude of mind - audit responsibility ] [audit risk - autemesia ] [auteur - autofundoscopy ] [autogamous - automatizing ] [automaton - avalanche photodiode ] [avalanchine - award for bravery ] [award for pain and suffering - axosomatic ] [axungia - azymic]

A A & R man A + rate a £5 note a £6000 overdraft
a 10% discount a 10% discount a 100-watt light-bulb a 10p piece a 12-bore shotgun
a 13 amp plug a 2 euro coin a 20 per cent discount a 20 percent cut a 2-stroke engine
a 300-horsepower engine a 300m drop a 35-minute aerobic wo... a 3-pin plug a 40-km march across b...
a 40-minute car journey a 5% increase a 5% reduction a 5% reduction a 54-car pile-up
a 5-hour journey A and B a BA in French a babble of voices a babel of noise
a baby girl a baby girl a back complaint a backlash against sth a backward step
a bad accident a bad cough a bad film a bad habit a bad man
a bad omen a bad patch a bad person a bad workman always b... a bad workman always b...
a bag of cats a bag of crisps a bag of sweets a bag snatch a bagful of sth
a bagful of sth a bald pate a bald pate a bale of straw a ball of fire
a bamboo raft a ban on doing sth A band was playing nea... a band with a cult fol... a band with a cult fol...
a bang on the head a bank robbery a bar job a bar of chocolate a bar of gold
a bar of soap a barber learns to sha... a bare patch a bargain buy a barometer of sth
a barrage of questions a barrage of sth a barrier to sth a baseball maniac a basis for
a basket full of sewing a bastion of sth a battery of a battery of tests a beach umbrella
a beam of light a beat-up old car a beat-up old car a beaut a beautiful ball
a beautifully illustra... a beautifully illustra... a Belgian national a benchmark for sth a Benedictine monk
a bent copper a bent copper a bent fork a better return on you... a better tomorrow
a better tomorrow a better way to do it a bevy of a bevy of a bicentenary tribute ...
a big car a big grin a big hit a big hitter a big house
a big if a big thank you a big wheel a bikini top A bird in the hand is ...
a bird in the hand is ... a bird in the hand is ... a bird of prey A bird settled on the ... a bird's-eye view of P...
a birthday bash a birthday bash a birthday cake with y... a biscuit tin a bit
a bit a bit boring, maybe a bit boring, perhaps a bit dangerous A bit less, please.
a bit more a bit much a bit of a bit of a cheek a bit of a nutter
a bit of a stretch a bit of adhesive tape a bit of cake a bit of damage a bit of information
a bit of luck a bit of luck a bit of music a bit off a bit off the mark
a bit off-topic a bit piqued a bit too hot a bit too soon A black car pulled up ...
A black coffee, please. a black jacket a black lace blouse a black leather jacket a black leather jacket
a black look A black silk tie compl... a blind person a blissful sigh a blithe heart makes a...
a blob of glue a block of flats a block of high-rise f... a block of high-rise f... a blonde
a blood sample a blood test a blow to sb's pride a blow to sb's pride a blue dress
a blueprint for sth a boating accident a body of people a bogus marriage a boiling hot day
a bolt from the blue a bolt from the blue a bolt of lightning a bomb blast a bomb scare
a book a book about London a book about the makin... a book by Balzac a book of puzzles
a book on Balzac a book with a cult fol... a book with a cult fol... a bookable offence a booklet summarizing ...
a born comedian a bossy little girl a bottle of shampoo a bottle of wine a bottomless pit
a bow and arrows a box of assorted bisc... a box of matches a box of paints a box of tissues
a box of tissues a boxed collection of CDs a boxed set of A boy drowned here yes... a boy of ten

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