English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

wig wild wildlife will will
will Will he have to go to ... Will I have to pay? Will it be cold tonight? Will it be long?
Will she have to go to... Will the insurance pay... Will you write down th... willing willingly
willow willpower wilt win wind
wind wind wind windmill window
window pane window seat windowpane windowsill windscreen
windscreen wiper windshield windshield wiper windsurfing windy
wine wine list wineglass wing wing mirror
wink winner winning winter winter sports
wipe wipe up wire wisdom wisdom tooth
wise wish wish wit witch
with with breakfast With ice, please With lemon With pleasure!
With the milk separate withdraw withdrawal within without
without breakfast witness witty wolf woman
wonder wonderful wood wood wooden
woodwind woodwork wool woolen woolens
woollen woollens word work work
work experience work of art work out work permit worker
workforce working-class workman workplace workshop
workspace workstation world World Cup worm
worn worried worry worrying worse
worse worsen worship worst worth
worthless would Would you like a drink? Would you like a drink? Would you like some br...
Would you like somethi... Would you like to dance? Would you like to do s... Would you like to go o... Would you like to phon...
Would you take a pictu... wound wound wrap wrap up
wrapping paper wreck wreck wreck wreck
wreckage wrecker wren wrench wrench
wrench wrestler wrestling wrinkle wrinkled
wrist write write down writer writing
writing paper wrong wrong wrong number

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