English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

table table table tennis table wine tablecloth
tablespoon tablet taboo taboo tack
tackle tackle tacky tact tactful
tactics tactless tadpole tag Tahiti
tail tailor Taiwan Taiwanese Taiwanese
Tajikistan take take take after take apart
take away take back Take care take care of take off
take over Take the first turning... Take the second turnin... takeaway takeoff
takeout takeover takings talcum powder tale
talent talented talk talk talk show
talk to talkative tall tame tampon
tan tandem tandem bicycle tangerine tank
tanker tanned tantrum Tanzania Tanzanian
Tanzanian tap tap-dancing tape tape
tape measure tape recorder target tariff tarmac
tarpaulin tarragon tart tartan task
Tasmania taste taste tasteful tasteless
tasty tattoo Taurus tax tax payer
tax return taxi taxi driver taxi rank taxi stand
taxpayer TB tea tea tea bag
tea towel teach teacher teacher's aide teaching
teacup teakettle team team handball teapot
tear tear tear tear gas tear up
tease teaspoon teatime technical technician
technique techno technological technology teddy bear
tee teenager teens tee-shirt teethe
teetotal telecommunications telegram telephone telephone directory
telesales telescope television tell tell
tell tell off teller telly temp
temper temperature temple temporary tempt
temptation tempting ten tenant tend
tendency tender tendon tennis tennis court
tennis player tennis racket tenor tenpin bowling tense
tense tension tent tent peg tent pole
tenth tenth term term terminal
terminal terminally terrace terraced terrible
terribly terrier terrific terrified terrify
territory terrorism terrorist terrorist attack test
test test tube testicle tetanus text
text text message textbook textile Thai

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