English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

spread spread spread spread out spreadsheet
spring spring spring onion spring-cleaning springtime
sprinkler sprint sprint sprinter sprouts
spy spy spying squabble squander
square square squash squash squash
squeak squeeze squeeze in squid squint
squirrel Sri Lanka stab stability stable
stable stack stadium staff staff
staffroom stag night stage stagger stain
stain stain remover stained glass stainless steel staircase
stairs stale stalemate stall stamina
stammer stamp stamp stand stand
stand for stand out stand up standard standard
standard of living stand-by ticket standing order standpoint stands
staple staple staple stapler star
star starch stare stark start
start start off starter startle starve
state state stately home statement station
station wagon stationer stationery statistics statue
status quo stay stay stay stay in
stay up steady steak steal steam
steel steep steeple steering steering wheel
step step step stepbrother stepdaughter
stepfather stepladder stepmother stepsister stepson
stereo stereo stereotype sterile sterilize
sterling steroid stew steward stick
stick stick insect stick out sticker sticky
stiff stifling still still sting
sting stingy stingy stink stink
stir stitch stitch stock stock
stock cube stock exchange stock market stock up stockbroker
stockholder stocking stomach stomachache stone
stool stop stop Stop here, please stopover
stopwatch storage store store store window
storekeeper storm stormy story stove
stove straight straight ahead straight on straighteners
straightforward strain strain strained stranded
strange stranger strangle strap strategic
strategy straw straw strawberry stray
stream street street map street musician street plan

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