English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

sheer sheet sheet shelf shell
shell shell suit shellfish shelter shepherd
sherry shield shift shift shifty
Shiite shin shine shiny ship
shipbuilding shipment shipwreck shipwrecked shipyard
shirt shiver shock shock shocking
shoe shoe polish shoe shop shoe store shoelace
shoot shooting shop shop assistant shop window
shopkeeper shoplifting shopping shopping bag shopping bag
shopping cart shopping center shopping centre shopping trolley shore
short short story shortage shortcoming shortcrust pastry
shortcut shortfall shorthand shortlist shortly
shorts short-sighted short-sleeved shot shotgun
should shoulder shoulder blade shout shout
shovel show show show show business
show jumping show off show up shower shower
shower cap shower gel showerproof showing show-off
shriek shrimp shrine shrink Shrove Tuesday
shrub shrug shrunken shudder shuffle
shut shut down shut up shutters shuttle
shuttlecock shy Siberia siblings sick
sick leave sick note sick pay sickening sickness
side side side side effect side street
sideboard sidelight side-view mirror sidewalk sideways
sieve sigh sigh sight sightseeing
sign sign sign language sign on signal
signal signature significance significant signpost
Sikh Sikh silence silencer silent
silicon chip silk silly silver similar
similar similarity simmer simple simplify
simply simultaneous simultaneously sin since
since since sincere sincerely sing
singer singing single single single bed
single parent single room single ticket singles singular
sinister sink sink sink sinus
sir siren sister sister-in-law sit
sit down sitcom site sitting room situated
situation six sixteen sixteenth sixth
sixty size skate skateboard skateboarding
skates skating skating rink skeleton skeptical

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