English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

seasick seaside season season ticket seasonal
seasoning seat seat seatbelt seaweed
second second second class secondary school second-class
secondhand secondly second-rate secret secret
secret service secretary secretly sect section
sector secure security security guard sedan
sedative see See you later See you soon seed
seed Seeing Eye® dog seek seem seesaw
see-through seize seizure seldom select
selection self-assured self-catering self-centered self-centred
self-conscious self-contained self-control self-defence self-defense
self-discipline self-employed selfish self-service sell
sell off sell out sell-by date selling price Sellotape®
semester semi semicircle semicolon semi-colon
semi-detached house semifinal semi-skimmed milk send send back
send off send out sender Senegal Senegalese
Senegalese senior senior citizen senior citizen sensational
sense sense of humor sense of humour senseless sensible
sensitive sensuous sentence sentence sentence
sentimental separate separate Separate bills, please separately
separation September septic tank sequel sequence
Serbia Serbian Serbian Serbian sergeant
serial series serious seriously sermon
servant serve serve server service
service service area service charge service station serviceman
servicewoman serviette session set set
set menu set off set out setback settee
settle settle down seven seventeen seventeenth
seventh seventh seventy several several
sew sew up sewer sewing sewing machine
sex sexism sexist sexual sexual intercourse
sexuality sexy shabby shade shadow
shake shake shaken shaky shall
Shall I come back later? Shall I wake you up? Shall we meet afterwards? shallow shambles
shame shampoo shape share share
share out shareholder shark sharp shave
shaver shaving cream shaving foam shawl she
She can't move She didn't give way She fell She has a temperature She has been sick
She has fainted She has hurt her leg She has hurt herself She is hurt She is seriously injured
She is twelve years old shed sheep sheepdog sheepskin

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