English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

rheumatism rhubarb rhythm rib ribbon
rice rich ride ride ride
rider ridiculous riding rifle rig
right right right right right angle
right of way right-hand right-hand drive right-handed rightly
right-wing rim ring ring ring
ring back ring binder ring road ring up ringtone
rink rinse rinse riot riot
rip rip off rip up ripe rip-off
rise rise risk risk risky
ritual rival rival rivalry river
road road map road rage road sign road tax
roadblock roadwork roadworks roast roast
rob robber robbery robin robot
rock rock rock rock climbing rocket
rocking chair rocking horse rod rodent role
roll roll roll roll call roller
rollercoaster rollerskates rollerskating rolling pin Roman
Roman Catholic Roman Catholic romance Romanesque Romania
Romanian Romanian Romanian romantic roof
roof rack room room room number room service
roommate rooster root rope rope in
rose rosé rosemary rot rotten
rough roughly roulette round round
round round steak round trip round up roundabout
round-trip ticket route routine row row
row row rowboat rowing rowing boat
royal rub rubber rubber rubber band
rubber boots rubber gloves rubbish rubbish rubbish dump
rucksack rude rug rugby ruin
ruin rule rule rule out ruler
ruler rum rumor rumour rump
run run run run away run out
run out of run over runner runner bean runner-up
running runway rural rush rush
rush hour rusk Russia Russian Russian
Russian Russian rust rusty rutabaga
ruthless rye

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