English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

refund refusal refuse refuse regain
regard regard regarding regiment region
regional register register registered registration
Registration number ... registry office regret regret regular
regularly regulation rehearsal rehearse reimburse
reindeer reins reject relapse related
relation relationship relative relatively relax
relaxation relaxed relaxing relay relay race
release release relegate relevant reliable
relief relieve relieved religion religious
reluctant reluctantly rely on remain remaining
remains remake remark remarkable remarkably
remarry remedy remember remind reminder
remorse remote remote control remotely removable
removal removal van remove rendezvous renew
renewable renovate renowned rent rent
rental rental car rented car reorganize rep
repair repair repair kit repay repayment
repeat repeat repeatedly repellent repercussions
repetitive replace replacement replay replay
replica reply reply report report
report card reporter represent representative reproduction
reptile republic repulsive reputable reputation
request request require requirement rescue
rescue research resemblance resemble resent
resentful reservation reservation reserve reserve
reserve reserve reserved reservoir resident
residential resign resilience resin resist
resistance resit resolution resort resort to
resource respect respect respectable respectively
respond response responsibility responsible rest
rest rest area rest area restaurant restful
restless restore restrict restructure result
result resume retail retail retail price
retailer retake retire retired retirement
retrace return return return return
return reunion reuse reveal revenge
revenue reverse reverse reverse charge call review
revise revision revive revolting revolution
revolutionary revolver reward rewarding rewind

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