English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

plant plant pot planter plaque plasma screen
plasma TV plaster plaster plastered plastic
plastic bag plastic surgery plastic surgery plate platform
platinum play play play hooky play truant
player playful playground playgroup playing card
playing field PlayStation® playtime playwright pleasant
Please Please bring another b... Please bring me an ext... Please bring me an ext... Please bring me more t...
Please bring more bread Please bring more water Please bring the bill Please call me back Please call the emerge...
Please call the fire b... Please call us if you'... Please can you gift-wr... Please charge it to my... Please come home by 11...
Please could you lower... Please give me an inje... Please give me my pass... Please go to gate ... Please let me know whe...
Please let me off Please let me through Please order me a taxi Please order me a taxi... Please prepare the bill
Please resend your fax Please send my mail on... Please stop the bus Please take me to the ... Please take me to the ...
Please take my luggage... Please tell me when to... Please use the meter Please wait for me Please write down the ...
please! pleased Pleased to meet you pleasure plenty
pliers plot plot plough plough
plow plow plug plug in plughole
plum plumber plumbing plump plunge
plural plus plus-size plywood pneumatic drill
pneumonia poached poached pocket pocket calculator
pocket money podcast podiatrist poem poet
poetry point point point out pointless
poison poison poisonous poke poker
Poland polar polar bear Pole pole
pole vault police police informant police officer police station
Police! policeman policewoman polio Polish
Polish polish polish Polish polite
politely politeness political politician politics
poll pollen pollute polluted pollution
polo shirt polo-necked sweater polyethylene bag Polynesia Polynesian
Polynesian Polynesian polythene bag pomegranate pond
pony pony trekking ponytail poodle pool
pool poor poorly popcorn pope
poplar poppy Popsicle® popular popularity
population pop-up porch pork pork chop
porn pornographic pornography porridge port
port portable porter portfolio portion
portrait Portugal Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese
position position positive possess possession
possibility possible possibly post post
post post post office postage postal money order

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