English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

pedestrian crossing pedestrian precinct pedestrianized pedigree pedophile
peel peel peg Pekinese pelican
pelican crossing pellet pelvis pen pen pal
penalize penalty pencil pencil case pencil sharpener
pendant penfriend penguin penicillin peninsula
penknife penny pension pensioner pentathlon
penultimate people pepper pepper peppermill
peppermint per per cent percentage percussion
perfect perfection perfectly perform performance
perfume perhaps period period perjury
perm permanent permanently permission permit
persecute persevere Persian persistent person
personal personal assistant personal organizer personal stereo personality
personally personnel perspective perspiration persuade
persuasive Peru Peruvian Peruvian pessimist
pessimistic pest pester pesticide pet
petition petrified petrol petrol station petrol tank
petticoat pewter pharmacist pharmacy PhD
pheasant philosophy phobia phone phone
phone back phone bill phone booth phone call phone number
phonebook phonebox phonecard photo photo album
photocopier photocopy photocopy photograph photograph
photographer photography phrase phrasebook physical
physical physical physicist physics physiotherapist
physiotherapy pianist piano pick pick
pick pick on pick out pick up pickpocket
picnic picture picture frame picturesque pie
pie chart piece pier pierce pierced
piercing pig pigeon piggybank pigtail
pile piles pileup pile-up pilgrim
pilgrimage pill pill pillar pillow
pillowcase pilot pilot light pimple PIN
pin pinafore pinch pine pineapple
pink pint pip pipe pipeline
pirate Pisces pissed pistol piston
pitch pitch pitch pity pity
pixel pizza place place place of birth
placeholder name placement plain plain plain chocolate
plait plan plan plane plane
plane planet planning plant plant

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