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May I open the window? May I phone home? May I take it over to ... May I turn the volume up? May I use your computer?
May I use your desk? May I use your phone? maybe mayonnaise mayor
maze me meadow meal mealtime
mean mean mean mean meaning
means meantime meanwhile measles measure
measurements meat meatball Mecca mechanic
mechanical mechanism medal medallion media
mediaeval medical medical medical certificate medicine
medieval meditation Mediterranean Mediterranean medium
medium-sized meet meet meet meet up
meeting mega melody melon melt
melt member membership membership card memento
memo memorial memorize memory memory
memory card mend meningitis menopause men's room
menstruation mental mental hospital mentality mention
menu merchant bank mercury mercy mere
merge merger meringue mermaid merry
Merry Christmas! merry-go-round mess mess about mess around
mess up message messenger messy metabolism
metal meteorite meter method Methodist
metre metric metro station Mexican Mexican
Mexico microchip microphone microscope microwave
microwave oven mid midday middle Middle Ages
Middle East middle-aged middle-class midge midnight
midterm vacation midwife might migraine migrant
migrant migration mike mild mile
mileage mileometer military milk milk
milk chocolate milkshake mill millennium millimeter
millimetre million millionaire mimic mince
mind mind mine mine miner
mineral mineral mineral water miniature miniature
minibar minibus minicab minimal minimize
minimum minimum mining miniskirt minister
minister ministry ministry mink minor
minor minority mint minus minute
minute miracle mirror misbehave miscarriage
miscellaneous mischief mischievous miser miserable
misery misfortune mishap misjudge mislay
misleading misprint Miss miss missile
missing missionary mist mistake mistake

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