English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

leverage liability insurance liar liberal liberation
Liberia Liberian Liberian Libra librarian
library Libya Libyan Libyan lice
licence license license plate lick lid
lie lie Liechtenstein lie-in lieutenant
life life insurance life jacket life preserver lifebelt
lifeboat lifeguard life-saving lifestyle lift
lift light light light light
light bulb lighter lighthouse lighting lightning
like like like likely lilac
lilac Lilo® lily lily of the valley lime
lime limestone limit limousine limp
line line line up linen liner
lingerie linguist linguistic lining link
link lino linoleum lion lioness
lip lip balm lip salve lip-read lipstick
liqueur liquid liquidizer liquor store list
list listen listen listen to listener
liter literally literature Lithuania Lithuanian
Lithuanian Lithuanian litre litter litter
litter bin little live live live
live on live together livelihood lively liver
living living room living room lizard load
load loaf loan loan loathe
lobster local local anaesthetic local anesthetic location
lock lock lock lock out locker
locket locksmith lodger lodging with kitchen loft
log log in log off log on log out
logical logo lollipop lolly London
loneliness lonely lonesome long long
long long jump longer longitude long-life milk
loo look look look look after
look around look at look for look round look up
loose loose lorry lorry driver lose
loser loss lost lost and found lost-and-found
lost-and-found department lost-property office lot lotion lottery
loud loudly loudspeaker lounge lousy
love love lovely lover low
low low season low-alcohol lower lower
low-fat loyalty luck luckily lucky

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