English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

Here are my vehicle do... Here is my boarding card Here is my card Here is my driving lic... Here is my passport
Here is my visa hereditary Here's my card Here's some informatio... heritage
hernia hero heroin heroine heron
herring hers herself He's not well He's out
hesitate heterosexual HGV hi! hiccups
hidden hide hide hide-and-seek hideous
hifi hi-fi high high high heels
high jump high season highchair higher education higher education
high-heeled highlight highlight highlighter high-rise
Highway Code highway ramp highway tax hijack hijacker
hike hike hiker hiking hiking
hilarious hill hill-walking him himself
Hindu Hindu Hinduism hinge hint
hint hip hippie hippo hippopotamus
hire hire hire car hired car his
his historian historical history hit
hit hitch hitchhike hitchhiker hitchhiking
HIV-negative HIV-positive hobby hockey hockey
hold hold hold on hold up holdall
hold-up hole holiday holiday home holiday job
Holland hollow holly holy home
home home address home game home match home page
homeland homeless homemade home-made homeopathic
homeopathy homesick homework Honduras honest
honestly honesty honey honeymoon honeysuckle
honor honour hood hood hook
hooray! hoover Hoover® hop hop
hope hope hopeful hopefully hopeless
horizon horizontal hormone horn horoscope
horrendous horrible horrifying horror horror film
horror movie horse horse racing horse riding horseback riding
horseradish horseshoe hose hosepipe hospital
hospitality host host host hostage
hostel hostile hot hot dog hotel
hot-water bottle hour hourly hourly house
house house wine household housewife housework
hovercraft how How are you feeling now? How are you? How can I tell ?
How deep is the water? How difficult is this ... How do I get there? How do I get to ...? How do I get to the ai...
How do I get to the ca... How do I get to the ce... How do I get to the ho... How do I get to the mo... How do I get to the ne...
How do I get to your o... How do I use the car w... How do we get to ...? How do we get to the s... How do you cook this d...

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