English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

golden raisin goldfish gold-plated golf golf club
golf course gone good good Good afternoon
Good evening Good Friday Good morning Good night Goodbye
goodbye! good-looking good-natured goods google
goose goose pimples gooseberry gorgeous gorilla
gospel gossip gossip government government-subsidized ...
GP GPS grab graceful grade
grade gradual gradually graduate graduate student
graduation graffiti grain grain grain
gram grammar grammatical grand grandchild
grandchildren granddad granddaughter grandfather grandma
grandmother grandpa grandparents grandson granite
granny grant grape grapefruit graph
graphics grasp grass grass grass
grasshopper grate grateful grave gravel
gravestone graveyard gravy gray gray-haired
grease greasy great great great
Great Britain great-grandfather great-grandmother Greece greedy
Greek Greek Greek Greek green
Green green beans green salad greengrocer greenhouse
Greenland greet greeting greeting card greetings card
grey grey-haired grid grief grill
grill grilled grim grin grin
grind grip gripe gripping grit
groan grocer grocer groceries grocery store
groom grope gross grossly ground
ground ground floor ground meat group group
grouse grouse grow grow grow up
growl grown-up growth grub grudge
gruesome grumpy guarantee guarantee guard
guard Guatemala guess guess guest
guesthouse guide guide dog guidebook guided tour
guilt guilty Guinea guinea pig guinea pig
guitar Gulf States gum gun gust
gut guy guy Guyana gym
gymnast gymnastics gynaecologist gynecologist gypsy

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