English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

Gabon gain gain gale gall bladder
gallery gallop gallop gallstone Gambia
gamble gambler gambling game game arcade
game console games console gang gangster gap
garage garbage garbage can garbage collector garbage dump
garden garden center garden centre gardener gardening
garlic garment garters gas gas cooker
gas stove gas tank gasket gasoline gate
gateau gather gauge gauge gaze
gear gear gear lever gear stick gearbox
gearshift gearshift gel gem Gemini
gender gene general general general anaesthetic
general anesthetic general election general knowledge generalize generally
generation generator generosity generous genetic
genetically modified genetically-modified genetics genius gentle
gentleman gently gents genuine geography
geology Georgia Georgia Georgian Georgian
geranium gerbil geriatric geriatric germ
German German German German German measles
Germany gesture get get get
get get along get away get back get in
get into get off get on get out get over
Get the lifeguard! get together get up Ghana Ghanaian
Ghanaian ghost giant giant gift
gift certificate gift shop gift voucher gifted gigantic
giggle gin ginger ginger giraffe
girl girlfriend give give back give in
Give me your insurance... give out give up glacier glad
glamorous glance glance gland glare
glaring glass glass recycling container glasses glider
gliding global global warming globalization globe
gloomy glorious glory glove glove compartment
glucose glue glue gluten GM
go go go after go ahead go around
go away go away Go away! go back go by
go down go in Go left at the next ju... go off go on
go out go past Go right at the next j... go round Go straight on
go through go up goal goalkeeper goat
God godchild goddaughter godfather godfather
godmother godson goggles gold golden

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