English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

France frankly frantic fraud freckles
free free free free kick freedom
freelance freelance freely freeway freeze
freeze freezer freezing freight French
French French French beans French fries French horn
Frenchman Frenchwoman frequency frequent fresh
fresh fresh freshen up freshwater fish fret
Friday fridge fried friend friendly
friendship fright frighten frightened frightening
fringe frog from from front
front frontier frost frosting frosty
frown frozen fruit fruit and vegetable store fruit juice
fruit machine fruit salad frustrated fry frying pan
fuel fulfil fulfill full full moon
full stop full-time full-time fully fumes
fun fun funds funeral funeral home
funeral parlour funfair funnel funny funny
fur fur coat furious furnished furniture
further further further education fuse fuse box
fuss fussy future future

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