English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

fire escape fire extinguisher Fire! fireman fireplace
firewall fireworks firm firm first
first first first aid first floor first name
first-aid kit first-class firstly fiscal fiscal year
fish fish fish dealer fisherman fishing
fishing fishing boat fishing rod fishing tackle fishmonger
fist fit fit fit fit in
fitted carpet fitted kitchen fitted sheet fitting room five
fix fixed fizzy flabby flag
flame flamingo flammable flan flannel
flap flash flash flashlight flashlight
flask flat flat flat-screen flatter
flattered flatware flavor flavoring flavour
flavouring flaw flea flea market flee
fleece fleet flex flexible flexitime
flight flight attendant flight attendant fling flip-flops
flippers flirt flirt float float
floating pool mattress flock flood flood flood
flooding floodlight floor floor flop
floppy disk flora florist flour flow
flower flower flu fluent fluorescent
flush flush flute fly fly
fly away foal focus focus foetus
fog fog light foggy foil fold
fold folder folding folk music folklore
follow following food food poisoning food processor
fool fool foolish foot football
football football match football player footballer footpath
footprint footstep for For the whole of June forbid
forbidden force force forecast foreground
forehead foreign foreigner foreign-exchange rate foresee
forest forever forge forgery forget
forgive forgotten fork form formal
formal attire formality format format former
formerly formula formula fort fortnight
fortunate fortunately fortune forty forward
forward forward slash foster foster child foul
foul foundations fountain fountain pen four
four-lane highway fourteen fourteenth fourth four-wheel drive
fox fracture fragile frail frame

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