English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

fabric fabulous face face face cloth
facial facial facilities Facing the front, please fact
factory fade fag fail failure
faint faint fair fair fair
fairground fairly fairness fairy fairy tale
faith faithful faithfully fake fake
fall fall fall down fall for fall out
false false alarm fame familiar family
family doctor family name family room famine famous
fan fan belt fanatic fancy fancy
fancy dress fanny pack fantastic FAQ far
far Far East fare farewell! farm
farmer farmhouse farming Faroe Islands fascinating
fashion fashionable fast fast fat
fat fatal fate father father-in-law
faucet fault fault faulty fauna
fava bean favor favorite favour favourite
favourite fax fax fear fear
feasible feather feature featured jobs February
fed up fee feed feedback feel
feeling feet fellow felt felt-tip
felt-tip pen female female feminine feminist
fence fender fennel fern ferret
ferry fertile fertilizer festival fetch
Fetch help quickly! fetus fever few few
fewer fiancé fiancée fiber fiberglass
fibre fibreglass fiction field field hockey
fierce fifteen fifteenth fifth fifty
fifty-fifty fifty-fifty fig fight fight
fighting figure figure out Fiji file
file file file Filipino Filipino
fill fill in Fill it up, please fill out fill up
fillet fillet filling station film film star
filter filter filthy final final
finalize finally finance finance financial
financial year find find out fine fine
fine fine Fine, thanks finger fingernail
fingerprint finish finish finished Finland
Finn Finnish Finnish Finnish fir tree
fire fire fire alarm fire brigade fire department

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