English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

envy epidemic epileptic epileptic fit episode
equal equal equality equalize equation
equator Equatorial Guinea equipment equipped equivalent
erase Eritrea erotic errant drone error
escalator escape escape escort especially
espionage essay essential estate estate agent
estate car estimate estimate Estonia Estonian
Estonian Estonian etc etc. eternal
eternity ethical Ethiopia Ethiopian Ethiopian
ethnic e-ticket EU euro Europe
European European European Union evacuate eve
even even even evening evening class
evening dress event eventful eventually ever
every Every Saturday everybody everyone everything
everywhere evidence evil evolution ewe
exact exactly exaggerate exaggeration exam
exam proctor examination examine examiner example
excellent except exception exceptional excess baggage
excessive exchange exchange rate excited exciting
exclamation mark exclamation point exclude excluding exclusively
excuse excuse Excuse me Excuse me, that's my seat Excuse me, which bus g...
execute execution executive exercise exercise
exhaust exhaust fumes exhaust pipe exhausted exhibition
ex-husband exile exist exit exotic
expect expedition expel expenditure expenses
expensive experience experienced experiment expert
expiration date expire expiry date explain explanation
explode exploit exploitation explore explorer
explosion explosive export export express
expression extension Extension extension cable extension cord
extensive extensively extent exterior external
extinct extinguisher extortionate extra extra
extraordinary extravagant extreme extremely extremism
extremist ex-wife eye eye drops eye shadow
eyebrow eyedrops eyelash eyelid eyeliner

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