English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

compare comparison compartment compass compatible
compensate compensation compere compete competent
competition competitive competitor complain complaint
complementary complete completely complex complex
complexion complicated complication compliment compliment
complimentary component component composer composition
comprehension comprehensive compromise compromise compulsory
computer computer game computer science computing concentrate
concentration concern concerned concerning concert
concerto concession concise conclude conclusion
concrete concrete paver concrete paving block concussion condemn
condensation condition conditional conditioner condom
conduct conductor cone confectioners' sugar conference
confess confession confetti confidence confidence
confidence confident confidential confirm confirmation
confiscate conflict confuse confused confusing
confusion congestion Congo congratulate congratulations
conifer conjugation conjunction conjurer connection
conquer conscience conscientious conscious consciousness
consecutive consensus consequence consequently conservation
conservative conservatory consider considerate considering
consist of consistent consonant conspiracy constant
constantly constipated constituency constitution construct
construction construction site constructive consul consulate
consult consultant consumer contact contact
contact lenses contagious contain container contemporary
contempt content content contents contest
contestant context continent continental breakfast continual
continually continue continue continuous contraception
contraceptive contract contractor contradict contradiction
contrary contrast contribute contribution control
control controversial convenient convent conventional
conversation convert convertible convertible conveyor belt
convict convince convincing convoy cook
cook cookbook cooker cookery cookery book
cookie cooking cool cool cooperation
cop cope copper copy copy
copy copyright coral cordless corduroy
core coriander cork corkscrew corn
corn corner cornet cornflakes cornflour

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