English-Dutch collaborative dictionary: words and phrases with their translation or definition added by users

blood blood group blood poisoning blood pressure blood sports
blood test blood transfusion bloody blossom blossom
blouse blow blow blow up blow-dry
blue blueberry blues bluff bluff
blunder blunt blush blusher board
board board game boarder boarding card boarding pass
boarding school boast boat bobby pin body
bodybuilding bodyguard bog boil boil over
boiled boiled egg boiler boiling Bolivia
Bolivian Bolivian bolt bomb bomb
bombing bond bond our relationship bone bone dry
bonfire bonnet bonus book book
bookcase booking booking office booklet bookmark
bookshelf bookshop bookstore boost boot
booze border bore bored boredom
boring born borrow Bosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnian Bosnian boss boss around
bossy both both bother Botswana
bottle bottle bank bottle-opener bottom bottom
bottom bought bouillon cube bounce bouncer
boundary bouquet bow bow bow
bow tie bowels bowl bowling bowling alley
box box lunch box office boxer boxer shorts
boxing boy boyfriend bra brace
bracelet braces brackets brag braid
brain brainy brake brake brake light
bran branch brand brand brand name
brand-new brandy brass brass band brat
brave bravery Brazil Brazilian Brazilian
bread bread bin bread roll breadbox breadcrumbs
break break break break down break in
break up breakdown breakdown truck breakdown van breakfast
break-in breast breast-feed breaststroke breath
Breathalyser® Breathalyzer® breathe breathe in breathe out
breathing breed breed breeze brewery
bribe bribery brick bricklayer bride
bridegroom bridesmaid bridge brief briefcase
briefing briefly briefs bright bright
brilliant bring bring back bring forward bring up
Britain British British broad broad bean

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